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Find The Best Car Speakers To Replace Your Factory Car Audio System: A Complete Buying Guide!

Do you think that your car speakers have blown away and do not produce good sound quality? Do you wish to upgrade your car’s sound system? When you spend a lot of time in your car, it is important to have the perfect sound system installed that involves the best car speakers, the best car 4-channel amplifier, and the best car subwoofer.

The perfect sound system not only makes the driving experience more enjoyable but also adds funds to a boring cab ride or a fun trip with your family and friends. Also, you can consider the option of upgrading your sound system, but that won’t provide the most necessary sound output. Without the best sound output, there is no fun in listening to songs.

It is very important to have the best car speakers so that at least they can accompany you when you have to travel alone. It is not easy to choose the best car subwoofer for everyone. There are certain things that you have to consider before buying the car speakers.

In the blog below, there is a mention of various factors that you have to consider before buying speakers and also a review of top-five car speakers that are easily available in the market.

To help you further select the best one, here is a review of the top five best car speakers that are available on the market. It is advisable for all the readers to read the review before buying the car speakers.

How to Choose the Best Car Speakers?

The certain factors that you are advisable for you to consider before you invest in buying car speakers are as below:


1. Style of the Speaker

First of all, you have to decide the style of the speaker, whether a full range or a component style. The full range speakers are more advisable for cars as they have all sound system components in them, like tweeter, woofer, and others. Also, the full range speakers are easy to install and very much affordable.

While the component style speakers are free-standing speakers and you have to install them in different parts of the car. As you install them in different parts of the car, they give more realistic sound in comparison with full range speakers.

2. Price Range

Money plays a very important role in deciding what kind of speakers you can buy for your car. There are various speakers available in all range. First, you have to decide which amount of money can you spend on buying them and then you have to accordingly proceed further.

3. Matching the Speakers to the Vehicle

Before you buy any speaker for your car, it is necessary for you to know that not all speakers will fit into your car. So before you buy the speakers, it is better to check the compatibility of the speakers with your car. Whenever you feel like you are in a state of dilemma, you can always contact the manufacturer of the speaker system.

4. Checking and Buying

When you finally find the best car speakers for yourself, it is advisable to check them online first as there is possibility of price variation. It is indeed advisable to consider all online resources as well as shops and stores before you finally get it inside your car.

Why should you buy the Best Car Speakers for Yourself?

It is very much shocking as many people think it is a waste of time to buy the best car speakers for you. There are various advantages of the same that will change your mentality about the same. Some of the advantages are as below:

  • You get the best quality car speakers in fewer budgets in comparison with upgrading your old car speaker system.
  • You get a super magnificent sound quality system in your car only.
  • You can build the best car audio system that sounds nothing less than a home theater system.
  • When you have better design of the speakers, the better sound quality comes hand-in-hand with it.
  • They are highly affordable.

Top 5 Best Car Speakers

Product (Amazon Links)Style  

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

6.5 3-Way


Pioneer TS-A168OF 6.5″ 350 Watt Coaxial Car Speakers

6.5 4-Way


Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers

6 x 9 3-Way


Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 360 Watt Speaker

6×9 3-Way


JBL CLUB6520 300W Speaker 

6.5 2-Way 


1. Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime


The Rockford Fosgate R165X3 is one of the most recommendable car speakers that are of 6.5 inches, and it has three-way full range speakers. It is one of the best replacements for the old factory version car speakers. You can easily pair it up with the best car subwoofer that you choose.

Also, it has very high power handling capacity in comparison with other car speakers. Some of the best features of the car speaker are as below:

Important Features

  • Power handling capacity: The car speakers have a capability of handling about 45 Watts RMS (Root Mean Square) and also 90 Watts MAX. It has great power handling capacity in comparison with other speakers.
  • Full range: The speakers have three-way full-range speakers that are the perfect replacement to old factory version speakers.
  • Size: The mid-range nominal diameter of the speakers is 6.5 inches while the mid-range mounting depth is 2.15 inches.
  • Crossover: They have integrated crossovers that have high high-pass of about 6 dB.


  • Three-way full range speakers
  • Sensitivity: 9 dB
  • High power handling capacity
  • Integrated crossover
  • Frequency response: 52 Hz-20KHz
  • Perfect sounding


  • Bass not good
  • Less reliable

2. Pioneer TS-A168OF 6.5″ 350 Watt Coaxial Car Speakers


The Pioneer TS 1680OF coaxial car speakers are 4 way speakers that have 350 watts per pair. These speakers have carbon and mica reinforced IMPP woofer cones.

These speakers can help you experience better bass and range than factory speakers. 

Lastly, you can install them with much ease. Some more interesting features of the speakers are listed below.

Important Features

  • Light in weight: The manufacturers see to it that the speakers are perfect for every car and so they surround the speakers with an elastic polymer. With the elastic polymer, the sensitivity of the speakers is lower.
  • Tweeter design: They have a 1mm PET dome tweeter.
  • Rigidity: The mica has the property of maintaining the extreme rigidity of the speakers and also makes marvelous use of light inside the speakers.


  • Lightweight polymer
  • Grille design
  • Highly durable
  • Mica Matrix cone design
  • Excellent sound quality


  • May not fit your car exactly

3. Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers


The pack of two Kenwood KFC 6965C speakers has three-way speakers. These speakers are highly recommendable not only for having high power handling capacity but also for having polypropylene cone.

The speakers are about 6 x 9 inches and come in a pack of two. Some of other marvelous features of the product are listed below.

Important Features

  • Power handling capacity: The Kenwood KFC 6965C speakers have the best power handling capacity in comparison with other speakers. They have power handling capacity at the peak of 400 watts per pair and at RMS (Root Mean Square) of 45 watts per pair.
  • Cone design: The cone design is best known for having high sensitivity and better sound quality. These speakers have the polypropylene cone design that is very much famous and not seen in many speakers.
  • Tweeters: These speakers have two tweeters, 2-inch polyetherimide cone tweeter and half-inch ceramic super tweeter. Both the tweeters work very well in giving better output.
  • Three-way speakers: The Kenwood speakers are best known for the 6*9 inches three-way speakers.


  • Woofer cone
  • Cone Tweeter
  • Super tweeter
  • Better power handling capability
  • Three-way speakers


  • Bad sound quality
  • Does not fit in every car
  • Less durable
  • Less reliable

4. Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 360 Watt Speakers


The popular speakers Kicker D-Series are 360 watts 4-Ohm speakers. They have little if any tweeter protrusion.

These speakers have a low profile and  plus one woofer cone in them makes them even more durable and also increases the bass output as well as efficiency.

The tweeter design in them increases the power handling capacity and reduces the distortion at the same time. These are one of the best speakers when it comes to having the best output. Some of the more amazing features of the product are listed below.

Important Features

  • Woofer Cone: The speakers have the polypropylene technology, so this helps make them light and rigid. This woofer cone material help increase resistance to high temperatures. 
  • Dome Tweeters: The speakers have edge-driven dome shape tweeters that are a boon to the speakers. They help in increasing the power handling capacity and also reducing the unwanted distortion.
  • Rubber: The speakers have polyester foam for good bass. 


  • High-performance level
  • High power handling capacity
  • High sensitivity
  • Durable


  • Bass could be better
  • May need an amplifier to get the most out of them

5. JBL CLUB6520 300W Speaker


The JBL CLUB6520 350W speakers are high-sensitivity speakers. The claim to be high quality and users seem to agree.

The speakers have the crossover network technology that helps in rendering the best sound quality possibility.

They have highly power handling capacity in comparison with other speakers and also have low impedance. Lastly, they also have rubber in their surrounding that helps in delivering sounds of better quality. Some other features of the product are listed below.

Important Features

  • Better bass: The JBL speakers have plus one woofer cone in them that covers more surfaces of the speakers. This technology helps in providing better bass and also in increasing the power handling capacity.
  • Tweeters: Each tweeter has poly-ether-imide as a component that helps produce some great sounding range of sounds.
  • Easy to install: Many people find it very difficult to install the car speakers themselves. This is not the case of JBL Club speakers; you can easily install them on your own without any hustle.
  • Sound quality: The manufacturers know the worth of music and the sound system, so they design the speakers in such a way that there are 3-ohm design pulls which help in the better delivery of the sound system.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Two-way design
  • One woofer and one tweeter design
  • Four-Ohm design
  • Easy to install
  • Seem to have mounting depth of less than two inches {1-13/16″)
  • High power handling capacity


  • May need amplifier to experience full sound
  • May need instructions

It is very difficult to choose the best car speakers for your car. There is already a mention of things that you need to check before you buy the car speakers.

Whenever you travel alone or have to cover a long journey with your friends or family, it is necessary that the perfect blend of music be playing in the background. Also, you can enjoy the music only when there are perfect car speakers installed in the car. It is very much difficult to buy and install the perfect car speaker system for your car.

There are many things that you have to consider before you buy them. Starting right from the style of the system to the compatibility of the system with the vehicle, everything is important to check. In the blog above there is a complete guide of what you have to consider before buying the speakers, why it is important to buy them and the review of top five car speaker systems available in the market.