Best LVLP Spray Gun

Best LVLP Spray Gun: Which One Should You Buy?

A low-volume, low-pressure gun is one of the most common tools in the garage or workshop of automobile enthusiasts. It is also common for those who are into woodworking. It is a tool used for painting, but its application is limited to small areas. Like a sharp knife, it is known for the precision of the outcomes.

The market is abundant with choices for the best LVLP spray gun. Nonetheless, you should not make this an excuse to purchase just any product without giving careful thought. To help you make a well-informed decision, this quick buying guide will provide valuable insights about the top four products you might want to consider.

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SPRAYIT SP-33000LVLP Spray Gun

Ampro A6034 LVLP Spray Gun

Astro EVOT13 LVLP Spray Gun

Optima by Motor Guard SG3512 Trifinity LVLP Spray Gun

What is LVLP Spray Gun?

LVLP stands for Low Volume, Low Pressure, which is about how it functions. The precision air cup compensates for the lack of air in this spray gun. Like a delicate and sharp needle, this spray gun will be best for detailed work. The spray gun will use a lower air volume to atomize the paint.

In automobile jobs, LVLP is mainly used in creating intricate patterns in the car. This can also be a valuable tool for woodworking or painting almost any surface. It has a small nozzle and minimal pressure, so you need to be patient in its use. For this reason, as well, it is only for small jobs.

Many people prefer using LVLP spray guns because of the better quality of the finish, which tends to be smoother. Also, less paint goes to waste because of the minimal operating pressure. Plus, cleanup will be a lot easier once the job is done.

Types of LVLP Spray Guns

One of the most important things to remember is that not all LVLP spray guns are identical. With this, below are the two types that you will be confronted with:

  • Bleeder Spray Gun: In this type, whether you pull the trigger or not, expect the airflow to be constant. The stream will become more robust, and the drying process will be quicker. There is also a lesser tendency for the paint cap to suffer from clogging.
  • Non-Bleeder Spray Gun: This is the more common option between the two. With this LVLP spray gun, the air will stop once the trigger is released. This will give users more control over what comes out of the gun. One of the most common drawbacks, however, is that there is a higher chance that the cap will clog.

Choosing the Best LVLP Spray Gun

As you try to decide on what LVLP spray gun can provide the best value for the money, below are some of the most important things you have to take into account:


  • Reviews: To be enlightened on the main differences between the options you can find in the market, it would be good to start by reading reviews from past users. Their feedback will help weigh the pros and cons of the alternatives.
  • User-friendliness: This concerns how easy it is to use the LVLP spray gun. Especially if you are a beginner, you need to make sure that there are no complications. You might end up frustrated if operating the product requires technical expertise.
  • Material: Most LVLP spray guns in the market have a body made from aluminum. This is a good choice because it is lightweight, so handling such will be almost effortless. To add, you also have to choose a material that will be reflective of durability.
  • Weight: Because of this type of gun’s low volume and low pressure, it might take quite some time before you can finish a big project. Therefore, it must be as lightweight as possible, minimizing the likelihood that you will complain of discomfort.
  • Output: This is measured in pounds per square inch or PSI. By nature, an LVLP spray gun will have a low PSI. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider the output range, which will make the product more versatile in terms of the job it can perform.
  • Maintenance: After many years, the LVLP spray gun will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. With this, you must choose one that will be effortless to clean and maintain. This makes retaining the product in its tip-top condition easy, allowing it to deliver optimal performance.

Reviews of Our Picks for the Best LVLP Spray Gun

To make your search easier, here are some brands and models that deserve to be part of your list of alternatives.

1. SPRAYIT SP-33000LVLP Spray Gun


This one-piece LVLP spray has a body made from aluminum, which is perhaps why it is lightweight. Even if you have to spray for a while, there is no need to complain about discomfort. To add, it also comes with a 20-ounce fluid cup.

Still, regarding the overall construction of the model, it is well-loved because the fluid needle and nozzle are made from premium stainless steel. This material can resist corrosion, making the spray gun long-lasting.

The technical specifications are also impressive, providing this with an edge over most of its competitors in the market. The working pressure ranges from 28 to 45 PSI. On the other hand, the maximum pressure is 60 PSI.


  • It has a lightweight body
  • Ergonomic design, which makes it easy to grip
  • Excellent cost-to-performance ratio
  • Little to no downtime when using the spray
  • Smooth trigger


  • Adjustment knob may be flimsy
  • The manual is poorly written


This lightweight and ergonomic LVLP spray gun is made with users’ needs in mind. It is easy to handle and control even though the product comes with vague instructions from the manual.

2. Ampro A6034 LVLP Spray Gun


One set of this product is inclusive of two high-quality spray guns. Each has a one-liter paint cup made from aluminum, so you can expect it to be lightweight and easy to handle. Each spray gun has an operating pressure of 15 to 45 PSI. The spray pattern, on the other hand, can range from 7 to 11 inches.

To avoid confusion when using this LVLP spray gun, the set also includes needles with different colors, making it easy to determine the size of their output.

If you still hesitate to choose this product above its competitors, your mind might change after knowing that the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty. This means your satisfaction is guaranteed, so there is no need to be doubtful.


  • Easy to use even for novices
  • Cleaning can be accomplished in a snap
  • Allows users to paint in a precise manner
  • It can be helpful for multiple functions


  • Adjustment knobs are not smooth


This spray guy is suitable for those looking for low-pressure volume sprayers, mainly because of its precision and the fact that it comes with two spray guns in one set.

3. Astro EVOT13 LVLP Spray Gun


Light and comfortable – these are two of the things that you can expect with the use of this LVLP spray. It has a lightweight body, so you can anticipate minimal fatigue with its use, even if you have to use it for quite a long time.

The design of this spray gun’s cup is also worth emphasizing. It is made in such a way that it has a tight seal. With this, you can expect the paint to not spill from its container, guaranteeing minimal mess in your work area.

The forged body is also impressive. The latter is why this will be a long-lasting tool, making it an excellent investment for those who love DIY tasks. There is also a stainless steel needle, which improves precision in paint jobs.


  • Clean up after spraying is an easy task
  • Easy to handle because of its lightweight body
  • Produces excellent outcomes


  • Not as popular as other models


Although it lacks popularity, this can still prove to be a promising option, mainly because of its forged and lightweight body that makes it comfortable to use.

4. Optima by Motor Guard SG3512 Trifinity LVLP Spray Gun


Among others, the Quick Clip Technology is one of the most commendable features of this LVLP spray gun. The latter can remove the fluid needle in a snap without changing the adjustment screw.

It also has Instant-Full Pattern Adjustment, which will provide you with better control of the spray gun.

Other notable features in this model include infinitely variable air volume regulation, swivel air connection, all-stainless steel-wetted components, and infinitely variable material regulation.


  • Made specifically for water-borne finishes
  • Easy to grip when spraying
  • Allows users to easily and quickly finish the job


  • Minimal user reviews are available online


This may be the least popular of the four products, but it is still worth considering, especially given the high-end technologies that allow it to deliver impressive performance.


Now that we have reached the end of this guide for the best LVLP spray gun, we hope that making the right choice is easier for you. If there is one product that stands out from its competitors, it is the SPRAYIT SP-33000LVLP Spray Gun. The latter comes with an ergonomic design and impressive specifications, delivering superior functionality.

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