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Finding the 5 Best Jack Stands: Your Guide to Make the Right Choice

When we need to work on our vehicles, it is necessary to make sure that it is safely jacked up. This is the reason why jack stands are very important. They ensure that the vehicle is elevated properly so that you can get your work done, and avoid injuries. You need a specific jack stand if you need to check your car’s undercarriage, or to see if there’s any rust. You can also use jack stands if you wish to change a tire.

In this article, we will discuss what a jack stand is and its benefits. We will also talk about some of its types and the essential factors to consider. On top of that, we will give you the top five choices of best jack stands you can purchase today. We hope you can evaluate your options better after reading this article.

What is a Jack Stand?

Before we proceed with the discussions, let us first define what a jack stand is. We will also talk about some of its benefits and when you should use a jack stand.

A jack stand is a tripod-shaped device designed to give support to an elevated vehicle’s weight. It is usually placed under the axle or the frame to provide support to a raised vehicle. When your car is jacked up, stands are placed under it and the car is then lowered onto the jack stands. This type of device should only be used on the level and hard surfaces. Also, for safety reasons, it should only be used within the stands’ weight capacity.

There are varied types of jack stands, and they are categorized by their weight capacity and maximum height. The jack stand’s height is often measured in inch and the weight capacity is in ton. They are most likely sold in pairs, as each jack can only lift one corner of a vehicle at a time. They usually come in 13 to 25 inches tall and 2 to 25 tons of weight capacity.

A jack stand is an important safety equipment you use especially when you are required to work under your vehicle. It is a mechanical structure that you use in supporting a vehicle after it has been lifted. It provides a strong stop that makes sure your vehicle will not fall after being lifted off the ground. It is mandatory that you use this so you can get your job done.

Injuries can happen especially while you are working under your vehicle. It can range from minor ones such as pinched fingers, busted knuckles to burns from the motor. Serious injuries also happen when a car falls on top of a user, which is considered fatal. This is the reason why using jacks alone is not safe. Everyone needs jack stands as well.

Types of Jack Stands

In this section, we will discuss some of the popular kinds of jack stands. This is essential because you need to know which one you need before you purchase one. It should be according to your preference and what type of vehicle you are using.

  • Stand Material: Based on the stand material, it can either be made out of aluminum or light steel. For heavier use, it should be made out of cast iron or steel.
  • Fixed Height: This type of jack stand has a fixed height, which can be considered an advantage. You won’t have to worry about moving parts to fail if you have this jack stand. In addition, they are very reliable and durable. A downside would be versatility.
  • Adjustable Height: This is the most common type of jack stand as it allows height to be adjusted to the user’s preferences. It uses a tripod stand with a notched column at the center where you adjust its height. Keep in mind that higher quality jack stands feature a second safety pin.

Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Jack Stand

Before we conclude, you need to know what factors make a good jack stand. We are sure all of them are good, but you need to pick the best one out there. It is vital that you evaluate your choices using the following factors.

  • Lift Height: Some stands are designed with high life heights. A common adjustable height is from a few inches above the ground to over 6 feet. It is important to take into consideration your body built to measure which jack stand is appropriate.
  • Weight Capacity: Jack stands are measured by the weight they can accommodate. They can range from half a ton to over 25 tons. Make sure you pick one that is within your needs.
  • Adjustability: The most typical jack stand features a tripod with a notched center column that allows users to adjust its height. The user then releases a lever to select the appropriate height. If you have a heavier vehicle, invest in jack stand that features a second safety pin. This will ensure that your vehicle is stable and will not slip out.
  • Material: Smaller and light-duty jack stands are usually made of aluminum or light steel, while heavier jack stands are made from cast iron or heavy steel. Choose one that will be convenient to carry along especially if you move a lot.
  • Base: A wide base makes it stable and ensures that it will not sink into a soft surface during use. Read up on reviews of jack stands that feature a solid base if you want more security.

Top 5 Picks for the Best Jack Stands

In this section, we will discuss the top 5 choices for the best jack stands available in the market. We will provide you some of their features, as well as a rundown of their pros and cons. Choosing the best jack stands may seem tricky at first, but we are here to help you. Just make sure to weigh their specific characteristics so you can choose the one that will be your money’s worth.

1. Torin T42002 2 Ton Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs)

The Torin T42002 provides impressive functionality, as they are made from high-quality steel. This product comes in a pair so you can utilize them on both sides for better stability and safety. They feature a welded frame design for durability and a saddle area that allows you contact better with the weight.

They are surprisingly very easy to use and have a rubber coating that prevents your vehicle from scratches. The Torin T42002 features a single piece self-locking multi-position forged iron bar that allows you to adjust precisely. With these jack stands, it is guaranteed that you will increase your productivity. Whether you need to change oil or replace a transmission, these stands are a necessity in your garage.


  • Material is made of high-quality steel
  • Features a welded frame design and a large saddle area
  • Coating is made of rubber to prevent scratches
  • Features locking rack and pawl
  • Capacity in pairs is 4,000lbs
  • Each jack stand meets ASME Safety Standards


  • The hinges may rust after a certain period of time
  • Some users have experienced scenarios wherein the metal bends
  • Welding is terrible according to some users

2. Camco 44561 Olympian Aluminum Stack Jack Stand - 2 pack

The first feature you will notice with the Camco 44561 is the tripod type feet that provide impressive stability. Like the Torin T42002, the top is coated with rubber that protects your vehicle from scratches. Another great feature is that it is constructed with cast aluminum. This jack stand is also easily adjustable from 11 to 17 inches.

The material used is aluminum, which is lighter than steel but can give the stability as the steel counterparts. If you need a lightweight jack stand that you can carry along anytime, this is the best one for you. Each stand can accommodate up to 3 tons, which makes both stands support up to 6 tons of weight. In addition, they feature a simple adjustment mechanism that makes lifting your vehicle very convenient.


  • Top is coated with rubber
  • Material is made of cast aluminum
  • Lightweight
  • Features simple adjustment mechanism
  • Capacity in pairs is 6 tons


  • Some user reviews say that the jack stands are wobbly and not at all stable
  • May start rusting after a week of use

3. Powerbuilt 640912 All-In-One 3-Ton Bottle Jack with Jack Stand

The Powerbuilt 640912 jack stand may seem like a regular one but features a hydraulic system for enhanced precision. This jack stand comes as a single stand that can accommodate up to 3 tons weight. Its weight capacity, which makes it durable and robust, is one of the great features of this jack stand.

The stand contains a wide steel base and a lock system. It also offers a safety bar lock that prevents retraction. Its features make it suitable for almost all types of situations and vehicles. Additionally, it also has a patented design, which combines the jack stand with the bottle jack. Height is adjustable from 11 to 21 inches and this product is perfect for SUV’s, off-road vehicles and floor joint work.


  • Weight capacity per pair is 6 tons
  • Features hydraulic system that allows precision improvement
  • Features a wide steel base and a lock system to prevent retraction
  • Has a patented design which combines the bottle jack with the stand


  • Some users had issues with the instruction manual
  • Welding job does not look neat
  • May break easily after 6 months

4. OTC 1780 Jack Stand - 1 Pair

The OTC is a pair of 22-ton jack stands that has a flat base unlike those with a tripod-shaped base. The flat base is guaranteed a great feature as it helps prevent shrinking into soft surfaces. It also has a large support area for the load. Not only that, this jack stand meets the most current and stringent ASME and PALD standards for lifting equipment.

It features large 3 inches saddles, which are also adjustable to 3-inch increments to allow a wide range of maintenance jobs. In addition, the pin style non-ratchet has 3 positions.



  • A little heavy for some users
  • Some users have experienced cable damage upon delivery

5. Hein-Werner HW93503 Blue/Yellow Jack Stand - 3-Ton Capacity

The Hein-Werner HW93503 is a jack stand that features a saddle column, which provides ratchet action height adjustment. It can accommodate weight up to 3 tons. To add, this jack stand offers a multi-position ratchet bar that provides impressive durability and strength. Like the OTC 1780, it features a flat base that adds extra stability and prevents shrinking into pavements.

Hein Werner is considered as one of the most reliable out there. It is specifically built for use by the heaviest vehicles with a maximum supported weight of 3 tons. In addition, its material is steel like most of the jack stands.


  • Has a saddle column that allows height adjustment
  • Maximum weight capacity is 3 tons
  • Offers multi-position ratchet bar
  • Has a formed or flat base


  • Does not come in pair


Now that we are almost done with the article, we hope we gave you some valuable information. If you were having a hard time of picking, considering the above reviews will surely be of great help to you. The choosing process is, we admit, a difficult task but utilizing this guide can make your decision making easier. This is vital especially because jack stands are expensive and that’s something you think about before buying.

When you review the factors mentioned above, it will give you enlightenment about what and what not to purchase. Along with the product reviews, features, pros and cons, we hope we helped you decide on the best jack stands.

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