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Best Car Air Beds: An Essential for a Comfortable Rest and Sleep

With the best car air beds, it is easier to sleep in a manner that is comfortable even while on the road. You might not have the luxury of a well-equipped bedroom, but as long as you have a high-quality air bed, you will not have a problem resting and sleeping. When you are on the road and you do not want to pay for a hotel, an air bed will allow you to comfortably sleep in your car.

If you are looking for a car air bed and clueless about which one will make an excellent pick, keep on reading the rest of this guide and allow me to extend a helping hand. I will list down some of the most important considerations and identify the top products that should be part of your list.

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FBSport Inflatable Car Air Bed

Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Car Air Bed

Wolfwill SUV Dedicated Car Air Bed

Ancheer Multifunctional Inflatable Car Air Bed

Shelterin Multifunctional Car Air Bed

Benefits of Buying a Car Air Bed

If you think that a car air bed is expensive, here are some of its benefits, which can easily convince you that it will be worth your money:

  • Sleep Comfortably: This is perhaps the most common reason why people purchase a car air bed. It can allow you to sleep while on the road, despite the fact that you do not have a bedroom on your travel.
  • Versatile Use: A car air bed can be used in more ways than one. Most of them are available in versatile designs so that you can use the mattress anywhere. You can use it as a spare bed at home or when you are camping, among other instances.
  • Portable: Since it is an air bed, it can be easily inflated and deflated. When it is deflated, the air bed will have a compact size, which will allow you to easily store it in the trunk of your car.

Choose the Best Car Air Bed

It is a given fact that there are tons of choices available, but should this be an excuse for you to choose just any product? No! Below are some of the most important considerations that will make it easier for you to choose the right one.



This should be your priority when buying an air bed. Otherwise, your money will be put to waste and your mattress will be useless. If it is comfortable, you can sleep in peace even while on the road and you won’t feel that you are away from your bedroom.

For the air bed to be comfortable, it should be made from soft materials which will not irritate the skin. Oxford, TPU, and PVC are some of the most common materials that you can find.

Another important thing for the bed is to be able to hold air for an extended period. There are some that can deflate easily, especially if there is a heavyweight. See to it that the bed will be able to stay in a firm shape throughout the night. The best ones will deflate less than 5% within a span of 12 hours.


To enjoy the best value for money, the car air bed must be made from top-notch materials that can withstand the test of time. Pay attention to the maximum weight capacity and make sure to follow it to prevent the mattress from breaking.

When shopping for an air bed, you should look for those that are made from materials that can resist puncture. It will also be good if it is cold-resistant. If you want to have peace of mind regarding the durability of the mattress, consider the extent of the warranty coverage.

Ease of Use

The car airbed must also be user-friendly. One of the most important is that it is easy to inflate. Most of these air mattresses are already inclusive of a pump that you can use for inflation and deflation. Aside from requiring minimal effort on your end, you must be able to do so in a short span of time.

By being easy to use, the air bed should also be easy to clean and maintain. It will be good if it comes with a reversible design. Also, you might want to consider using covers so that the surface will not easily attract dirt.


The right size of the best car air bed will depend on individual needs. The first thing that you have to do is to think about the car that you have and the amount of space that is available. See to it that the dimensions will fit perfectly in your car’s space. More so, make sure that the sleeping area is more than enough to make you feel comfortable.


Yes, it is called a car air bed. Nonetheless, this does not mean that its use is exclusive to cars. Choose one that comes with a versatile design, which means that it will be multi-functional. You must be able to use it when camping, at home, or anywhere else you need a comfortable sleeping space.

Top Picks for the Best Car Air Beds

Here are five of the products that you might want to look at, as well as the features that make them exceptional choices. I will also list down a few of their pros and cons, which will help you to narrow down the possibilities.

1. FBSport Inflatable Car Air Bed


With a universal design, this air bed can easily fit in most cars and SUVs, but not the ones that are too small. Aside from the air bed, there are also two pillows that are included for a more comfortable sleep. As a complete kit, there is also a pump, storage bag, and repair kit included.

The intelligent design of the air bed is another reason why it is exceptional. The base is separate from the actual mattress. More so, it is also versatile. You can use the air mattress even when outside of the car, such as in tents when you are camping.

When it comes to the materials that are used it is also impressive. This fares well in durability, providing you with the confidence that it will not be easily prone to wear and tear. Even through the years, you can expect that it will retain its best condition.


  • Durable construction that delivers long-term functionality
  • Flat and wide design for optimal comfort
  • Easy to inflate and deflate with the included air pump
  • Comes with two air pillows
  • A repair kit is also included


  • Not for small cars
  • Actual color may vary from what is pictured


This air bed comes with a separate base and mattress, which also makes it versatile. To make your sleep even more comfortable, there are also two pillows that are included.

2. Mobile Inflation Travel Thicker Car Air Bed


When you purchase this product, aside from the actual mattress, you will also receive a pump for inflating and deflating, a storage bag, and a repair kit, which includes patches and glue. The latter will make it easy to fix problems and prevent air from leaking.

While there are no pillows that are included in the package, the overall design of the air mattress eliminates the need for it. There is a raised area on the part of the head and the sides, which will make you feel more comfortable.

The heavy-duty construction is also a plus. Aside from the double-sided flocking, it is also cold-resistant. The material is also reversible, so you can use it on both sides. It is recommended that you use a cover to prolong the functional life of the mattress.


  • Quick and easy to inflate
  • Fits in most SUVs and cars
  • Made from sturdy materials that can withstand long-term use
  • Lightweight and portable when deflated
  • Creates an evenly flat surface perfect for sleeping


  • Too thin for some users
  • It may not stay inflated for an extended period


This air mattress eliminates the need for pillows because of its smart design. It is reversible and made from cold-resistant material.

3. Wolfwill SUV Dedicated Car Air Bed


Among others, one of the most commendable about this air bed is that there are three separate compartments, making it easier to fill with air. Also, when one part leaks, this will not affect the air in other parts if they are not damaged.

With a special three-piece folding design, this is also exceptional in terms of portability. It will not be too much of a burden to bring this air bed.

It is also worth noting that it is made from compound and breathable PVC material, which is also eco-friendly. It is soft like a feather. To add, it is also non-toxic and has no foul odor, which will help in having a more comfortable sleep or rest.

Lastly, the manufacturer is offering a two-year warranty, which should provide you with confidence.


  • Versatile uses, even for sleeping at home
  • Does not leak air, keeping the mattress inflated for a long time
  • Large size for maximum coverage
  • Has separate compartments that are easy to inflate


  • Minimal user reviews are available
  • The cord for the pump is short


This air mattress is divided into three compartments, making it easier to fill with air. It is reversible and made from non-toxic material. It also has a two-year warranty.

4. Ancheer Multifunctional Inflatable Car Air Bed


With a weight capacity of up to 150 kilos, this air bed has dimensions of 52.7 x 34.3 x 16.4 inches. The sleeping area is comfortable enough and can easily fit in most cars. Even for outdoor adventures, the configuration of the air bed makes it useful.

The high-quality PVC used as the main material for the car air bed is another reason why it is impressive. It is soft to the touch, like a feather, providing optimal comfort to the user. Such a material is also known for being durable.

It is also a good thing that the bed is divided into two sections, which means that you have to inflate into two parts. Plus, the level of inflation can be adjusted based on what you find to be most comfortable.


  • Easy to use
  • Made from high-quality and soft material
  • Air level can be easily adjusted


  • Seams can be easily prone to leaking
  • Can deflate quickly


This air bed is divided into two parts for easier filling of air. It is also inclusive of a pillow and is made from high-quality PVC.

5. Shelterin Multifunctional Car Air Bed


This car air bed is made using TPU with Oxford. It is waterproof and durable, providing you with the confidence that it will last through the years. The material is also soft, allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Still, with regards to the materials used, the Oxford cloth resists moisture, scratch, friction, and impact, making it excellent when it comes to durability.

In terms of ease of use, this can also prove to be an exceptional option. It is designed with your needs in mind, so inflating and deflating the mattress will not require too much effort on your end. When deflated, it can be neatly packed and will take up minimal space.


  • The bed is firm and comfortable
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Stays inflated after an extended period


  • Minimal user reviews are available
  • Inflation holes are in an awkward position


This car air bed is made from a combination of TPU and Oxford, both of which are not only comfortable but also known for their durability.


With the best car air beds that have been mentioned above, which one can provide value for money? They are all great, but if there is only one that stands out, it is the FBSport Inflatable Car Air Bed. It is durable and comfortable, making it the perfect companion on the road.

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