How To Deal With 2008 Toyota Sienna Air Conditioning Problems?
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How To Deal With 2008 Toyota Sienna Air Conditioning Problems?

The invention of air conditioners has proven to be a boom in the field of electronic inventions. Air conditioners have become the biggest weapon to fight against hot and boiling summers. This electronic air purifier has become a must-have device in spite of many disadvantages like global warming, electricity consumption, health issues, and much more.

Malls, houses, theatres, and even cars now consist of air conditioners. This cool air intake machine has become not only a symbol of status but has also become a necessity.

For so many years, every car has had the facility of an air conditioner. Despite keeping it with great caution, it is very obvious that problems may arise with every electronic machine. The same is the case with the air conditioner in the Toyota Sienna 2008 cars air conditioners.

There is surely no doubt about the fact that Toyota Sienna manufacturers must have fitted the best car air purifier, but it will surely create problems after a period of usage.

Now, the question arises as to how you should deal with the air conditioner problems in your luxurious Toyota Sienna. Here is the jot down of some problems that you might face and the technique to deal with them:

1. After working for hours smoothly, your AC might blow hot air randomly

This is the exact problem that I have faced it once. My air conditioner normally starts with great cooling effect. Unusual to its nature, it starts emitting warm air after some time. Tolerating it in such humid summer season was tough. But let’s tell you.

This might be the situation of damping changing its position. You should immediately consult your mechanic to confirm whether the situation is a bad controller or not. In this case, I don’t know from where but the air-mix damper may get signals to change the temperature automatically. Another situation could have also arisen.

Sometimes, after some time damping might be hunting for a position to settle. So the immediate step should be to check the damper of your Toyota.

2. Awarding burning air at one side and cooling air at another side

This is quite a funny situation. In this case, the driver gets a punishment by receiving oven like air, while the passengers will be getting cool and fresh air. This fault is true, and my friend has faced his horrible situation with her four years old Toyota Sienna. In this kind of stage, feeling irritated is a natural process but being intelligent you should get it solved.

This situation may arise due to the corroded lines of your air conditioner. You should ask your mechanic to check whether the lines of your AC are ruined and if it so you should get it immediately replaced with new ones. However, this replacement will cost you much, you can say nearly about in thousands but rather than spending on the checking of other parts you can have your lines checked.

3. Air conditioners not working at all

In almost all 2008 Toyota Sienna air lines, the fault of getting your air conditioner lines cracked in a short period of usage has been very common. In this kind of case, you will experience that your AC is not working at all. Horrible situation! Yes, it is.

Without getting panicked or irritated just get the possible areas checked where fault can take place. There are three places due to which your air conditioner might have stopped working. These are

  • O-ring
  • Carter line
  • Center line

These are the exact possible places which might be faulty and has made your air conditioner stopped working. So get it checked and replace it, if it finds out to be cracked.

4. Sound at its highest volume

Sound at its highest volume


Air conditioners seem to be a wonderful invention when it gives you a feeling of relaxing from the boiling temperature outside without producing noise pollution. But the problem arises when it starts creating cranky noise. I know this situation some of the might have faced, but if this happens in future for that, I want to share my experience with you all.

This might be due to old and depreciated clutch that is being continued to render its services. Clutch failure will not make your air purifier stop working at all, but will create a rattling sound which becomes very irritating and difficult to handle. The relay is present under the hood in the fuse box which is next to the battery.

You should get your magnetic clutch relay checked instantly and if found ruined you should get it immediately replaced with a new part.

5. Hot air all around

You always install cold air intake to get rid of the burning temperature outside your car. When you open up your air conditioners, you want it to cool your car temperature instantly. But what will happen when you run your air conditioner, and instead of converting your car temperature from hot to cold, it adds up the heat by blowing the hot air and setting your car temperature on fire. Terrified!

Well, don’t just panic in that situation. It might be due to corroded o – rings. As soon as this problem arises, just get your O-rings diagnosed immediately. O-rings are present where the front line connects near the engine. If your engine is found faulty or cracked, then you can get it replaced without any further problem.

6. Hot and cold air

Hot and cold air

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There might be two possibilities for this problem. Sometimes, in your Toyota Sienna 2008 model, it may be due to a blender box. It is common for the driver seat and passenger seat to have separate air conditioner controls. These units may share as many parts as possible to keep the cost as low as possible.

It could mean that doors are setting different temperatures for both the driver’s seat and the passenger’s. Second is the refrigerant charge; sometimes, your refrigerant may have a slightly low charge, which will result in giving different temperatures to the driver as well as the passenger.

Air conditioners are invented to help you out in fighting with this continuously increasing temperature. As it is a machine, you cannot avoid the situation of being in an unsound condition at any point in time.

Whenever this situation arises in your 2008 Toyota Sienna, just handle it intelligently and try to diagnose it through the above-provided information. I hope you will not get fooled by your mechanic and will diagnose the problem by yourself in no time.