Top Tips On Using Jumper Cables The Right Way

Using Jumper Cables The Right Way

Jumper cables are the cables that anybody can make use of, especially while starting any road vehicle when the battery of the vehicle is dead. You can connect the jumper cables to either another battery or another source of power, which makes it easy to jump start the vehicle.

There are many cases when the person who is driving a car faces situations when the battery of the vehicle does not start at any cost. To avoid any further problem, it is advisable for every person to know in detail about how to use the jumper cables. Also, it is necessary to make use of best jumper cables to avoid sparking or short circuit.

For people who have a lot of experience in driving cars, using jumper cables is no big deal. In the blog below, there are some top tips that you can refer to using jumper cables the right way.

The jumper cables are a blessing for people who have to drive a lot, as they help in recharging the dead batteries when there is no other help available. There are various steps that you have to follow for the same.

Step 1: Opening the Hood of Vehicle Carefully

Opening the Hood of Vehicle Carefully

The first basic step that you have to follow is to check the location the batteries of the car. Also, it is advisable to check the voltage measurement of the batteries, the donor, as well as the acceptor. To check the voltage measurement is important because a higher voltage battery can damage the lower voltage battery after the interconnection.

Step 2: Checking the Length of Jumper Cables

The second important step is to check the length of the jumper cables. The length of the cables has to be long enough so that it connects both the batteries perfectly. If this is not the case, then consider adjusting the batteries again.

Step 3: Switching off the Car

The third step involves switching off of all the electrical components, such as the radio or the lights inside the car. To switch off the components is important, as it makes sure that you can make use of the entire charge of the battery for running the car and no amount of charge gets wasted in any of the electrical components.

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In some cases when the car gets stuck in some dangerous areas, it is always advisable to switch on the emergency flashlights for safety.

Step 4: Preparing your Car

The next step is to make sure that you engage the emergency brakes of the vehicle.

Step 5: Preparing the Jumper Cables

The next step that you have to perform is to separate the jumper cables in such a manner that the two clamps are not in contact with each other.

Step 6: Locating the Terminals

In the next step, you have to differentiate between the positive and the negative terminals of both the batteries. Normally, the positive terminals have either a plus mark on them or a red plastic cover, while the negative terminals have either minus mark on them or black plastic cover. The color of the cover on wires is the indication of clamps on the jumper cables.

Locating the Terminals

While performing this step, it is advisable to have utmost care because if the identification goes wrong, then the connection of the wires will also go wrong, and ultimately there are chances of either sparking or short circuit or production of current.

Also, while inspecting the terminals on the wire, if you observe that the battery is cold enough then do not even attempt to connect the jumper cables to them. If you still do, so there are high chances that the battery might explode.

Step 7: Attaching the Terminals

After you inspect the positive and the negative terminals, the next step is to attach the positive terminal of the dead battery with the positive terminal of the good battery. Also, connect the negative terminal of the dead battery with the negative terminal of the good battery.

Step 8: Jump-Starting the Car

After all the successful connections, all you have to do is to wait for next two to three minutes. After the charging process, disconnect the negative and the positive terminals. BOOM! Your car starts and runs perfectly like before.

Some additional important tips to help make the process easy and simple:

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  • It is necessary to make sure that the jumper cables are long enough so that both the batteries can connect perfectly and also that the batteries do not get in touch with the jumper cables to avoid any mishap.
  • It is important to park the car manually and turn off all the electrical components and remember that there must not be anything in connection with the cigarette lighter inside the car.
  • It is always advisable to but jumper cables of about 16 feet in length. Also, before buying the cables, you have to check the insulation on them, because naked wires can cause generation of current.
  • It is advisable not to connect the jumper cables when the battery either has a crack in it or is leaking from any part because there are chances that it might explode.
  • Before you connect the jumper cables to the batteries, do not forget to wear your safety gloves for precaution.
  • Never connect the two batteries with the jumper cables if you are not sure of the terminals. Before you start connecting, you have to be sure enough about the positive as well as negative terminals so that there is no current or short circuit.
  • Make sure that the jumper cables do not get in touch with any part of the engine of the vehicle.
  • When you buy the jumper cables, make sure that you buy an emergency kit and place it inside the car along with the jumper cables.
  • It is advisable to wipe the cables before you connect them as it makes the clamp have a better solid connection.
  • After the completion of the charging process, let the car be idle for some time as a car needs some time after its battery gets charged.
  • Drive safe!

There are various types of jumper cables and emergency kits for car available in the market. It is necessary to pick up the best one as it will ensure safety. If you buy local cables, then there are chances of a short circuit or exploding off the battery.

The jumper cables play an important role in helping a person who is stuck in some areas because of the dead battery. Before you start driving alone, it is important to learn everything about the jumper cables, how to jump start the car using jumper cables.

Also, you have to learn all the steps of jump starting a car properly so that you do not miss out any step, and it is very much important to know that you perform all the steps very carefully. In the above blog, there are eight steps, as well as some additional tips that will help you in jump starting a car without much hustle.

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