Top Must-read Automobile Blogs

Like many global aspects, people around the world may find their common language when it comes to automobiles. From which car you love to how to fix this car problems, it could connect everyone in a line. When you first have or research on automobile community, I believe you may feel like it’s like a swimming pool and you don’t know how to start your ride. Don’t worry. Today I would like to help and give you this list which is top automobile blogs I think you may interest its contents. So, let’s start!

1.  Autoblog


Autoblog is an American internet-based automotive news and car shopping website owned and operated by AOL Inc. With 9.2 million monthly visitors to the Autoblog, this website is currently one of the most popular automobile blog. The site is one of the top-tier destinations for industry news, car reviews, and vehicle shopping tools. It is updated frequently posting up to 98 articles per week by professional writer and you never feel disappointed of it. If you are looking for get up-to-the-minute automotive news along with reviews, podcasts, high-quality photography and commentary about automobiles and the auto industry, this site is for you!

2. egmCarTech


Started in 2007, egmCarTech is a professional blog dedicated to providing its visitors with the most up-to-date news on the automotive industry along with reviews, polls and live coverage of auto shows. The site is currently developing numerous partnerships across the automotive web sphere, which will give it a wide ranging exposure in the United States and Europe. For example, egmCarTech recently partnered with YouTube’s /DRIVE to bring our visitors detailed video reviews on new vehicles and are working on other segments for the show. egmCarTech has seen a 79% growth in 2011 (when compared to 2010) and it was predicting an even larger growth in traffic in the next few years.

3. Automoblog


Mentioned in the book Blogging for Business: Everything You Need to Know and Why You Should Care as a “popular and influential auto-focused blog”, is an automotive culture and lifestyle publication, covering industry news, trends, and technology. Automoblog features new vehicle reviews, emerging tech trends, new vehicle specs and trim levels, product evaluations, in-depth pieces on the overall industry, and car buying advice relevant to today’s consumer. Interestingly, the blog is running series include Memory Lane, Book Garage, and Letter from The U.K., further capturing the exhilarating life that can be lived behind the wheel. The site definitely won’t let you disappoint.

4. The Truth About Cars


The Truth About Cars is launched by a group of automobile professional experts whose articles are up-to-date information and neutral reviews. The site is dedicated to providing candid, unbiased automobile reviews and the latest in auto industry news. Blog with automotive news, new and classic road tests, editorials, automotive help and product reviews. Currently, the blog attracted more than 50 million followers and frequently got daily users’ contributed comment. Impressive!

5. Flatsixes

flatsixes is a blog writing all of Porches and dedicate to Porches community. At first, the site was just only the automobile diary of Porches fan couple. Today, is the web’s foremost destination for Porsche owners and automotive enthusiasts interested in the cars, products and lifestyle associated with the Porsche brand. With articles covering everything from purchasing and maintenance tips, car and product reviews to motorsport and other Porsche news, the site welcomes over 100,000 subscribers and unique monthly visitors and is growing rapidly.

6. Hemmings Daily


Don’t like a new, fancy car? More interested in the old and classic ones? Hemmings Daily blog is just for you. The blog is an important of Hemmings Motor News which was first published in 1954. The first issue consisted of four pages, and 500 copies were sold at 50 cents per copy. Today, Hemmings has more than 219,000 subscribers, paying $31.95 per one-year, 12-issue subscription. An additional 30,000 copies are sold each month at newsstands and bookstores throughout the United States for $5.99 per copy. Some said it is totally the Bible for the collector car hobby. Let’s check it out!

7. Car Throttle


Car Throttle was started in 2009 after founder Adnan Ebrahim realized there was no online platform for people like him: young, millennial car enthusiasts. Dubbed ‘Buzzfeed for cars’, the site quickly evolved into a vibrant community serving millions of users - called CTzens - who follow the brand on its apps and major social media platforms. Car Throttle creates and distributes engaging car content and works closely with advertisers looking to reach a valuable audience. The blog’s investors include the minds behind AOL, Facebook, Skype and MailOnline.

8. Auto Talk

auto-talk was launched on March 3rd 2006, after a year’s planning and work with only one mission – To provide general public with information on both Automobiles & Motorcycles. As mentioned in its site, Auto Talk’s main purpose is to provide latest Auto News, Reviews, High Resolution Pictures and How-to articles to everyone. The blog also provides a discussion board that can help visitors discuss latest auto industry news, recalls, issues and ideas about Automobiles & Motorcycles. Ten years after establishing, Auto Talk is proving its value to automobile community.

9. Celebrity Cars Blog


If you are a crazy fan of an idol, why don’t you try to read this site, Celebrity Cars Blog. It is all of stars’ cars coming with interesting reviews, best quality photo and video. The blog also contains a hot series, weekly Top 5 celebrities that drive something special, which will attract to you if your idol is listed. One of popular car blogs you should be keen on! Keep checking back daily for updates.


One of popular blog dedicated for Mercedes fan, Mercedes Medic is not like others’ normal blog. It is like a guide book for fans of this type of cars. From repairing, tricks and tips to parts purchasing, you will be in the party of useful information and will definitely love the blog from the first sight. The series of How to… will let you regret that you should have check it earlier. Moreover, Mercedes Medic created a forum which Mercedes fans can be gathered and ask for any problems they have.

11. Automobile

Automobile Magazine, has the latest news and information about car and auto shows. They have are magazine that is in print and can helps you find information on the latest cars out on the road that your looking for. The site includes videos and a classic cars section. The posts show modern design along with the old and shares with readers, lots of beautiful pictures of stunning new cars or just beautiful photography. The magazine has car reviews and shows how road tests results ended up. With automotive opinions and lots of facts behind cars this might not be a typical car blog, but it give the reader lots to look forward to are new information is published regularly.

12. Moto Heads


Motor Heads is written and maintained by Hayley Reeve. Growing up surrounded by the thousands of cars that would flock to her home town of Southend each summer, and spending weekends sitting on the driveway. She decided to create Motor Heads when her grandad (a former British Aerospace engineer and the man who taught her to ride a bicycle) became ill. And this blog has since been dedicated as a tribute to her memory of dad’s impact he had on Hayley's life. The blog provides articles offering advice in the automotive niche. This can be anything from car repairs, to the latest Motorsport news. Keep it up with Moto Heads and explore what you really like in automobile industry!

13. Motoring Box


Run by Sean McKellar, Motoring Box seems like expanding very fast from its launching in 2015. Having had many years of experience owning and administering online forums, Sean felt that launching the Motor Box as a forum would naturally be the best way to put information out there easily and get people involved. It was a site that helps automobile fans find out breaking news about the car tours. Moreover, the blog is combined with its sisterhood blog, Top Gear, and it is added more importantly it acts as an index to help those same fans track down old episodes which featured particular vehicles or segments.

14. Sense The Car


When it comes to a simple website but useful, Sens the Car strives to provide you with all the information and insides of the automobile industry. Usually, it covers the out-of-the-box stories from auto world, be it a business news that affects the direction of industry in a manner, or be it a technological advancement brought to us by smartest engineers. In all out blog posts, you will find a taste of love for autos. Lastly, the blog’s main purpose does not want to be best automobile blog in world, it just wants to blog that readers would love to read, and information that seekers will enjoy.

15. Transmission Repair Cost Guide


There are many resources online about transmissions, but many are not user-friendly. They are either poorly formatted, incomplete, too technical or a combination of the three. In addition, most articles are found on websites that are owned by transmission repair shops which are often biased and read more like a sales pitch than helpful advice. Transmission Repair Cost Guide is totally different comparing to those evidences. The blog is an informative forum which is the number 1 online resource for determining how much a transmission replacement, repair or rebuild will cost you. While we can’t diagnose exactly what is wrong with your car or its transmission, this site aims to equip you with the knowledge to fix small problems yourself, the advice to help you find a trustworthy repair shop and the connection to people who have dealt with a situation similar to yours in the past.

16. Zero 2 Turbo


Zero 2 Turbo is a car website owned by a South African whose passion for the automotive industry is limitless. The owner said he had been fascinated with cars and the industry so he decided to start a website to share his views, news and reviews with other enthusiasts like himself. With frequent updates on automotive world and unique content posted every day combining with the cool display, this car blog can be enjoyed by all types of people!

17. The Lego Car Blog


The Lego Car Blog was founded in late 2011 to cater for the growing vehicle-building portion of the online Lego community, whose work was at the time unrecognized by the established Lego blogs. Since its launch in 2011, the blog have steadily grown to become one of the more well-known Lego blogs on the Internet, alongside such institutions as The Brothers Brick, Eurobricks and Bricknerd. The articles range from publicizing builders’ creations to Lego news, set reviews and builder interviews. All of content is open-source and free to share, and can be accessed via the main menu at the top of each page, or by the search function and archiving tool at the bottom.

18. The Weekly Driver


The Weekly Driver column began in 2003 as a weekly feature for a Canadian syndicate, The name transitioned into the current web site, and the weekly new car reviews are now featured on this site as well as several other sites. Highlights of content on this site are available via RSS feeds, and complete reviews are available for electronic and print syndication and reprinting with permission. The Weekly Driver features the new car reviews of syndicated automotive journalist James Raia as well as other automotive content — industry news to videos to regular guest contributors’ reviews.


Drive is Australia's most authoritative source of information for consumers researching to buy a new car, and also for motoring enthusiasts that want the latest news. With a dedicated team of experts, Drive is dedicated to providing informative reviews and videos of the newest cars in Australian showrooms, with the most comprehensive rating system that allows consumers to easily assess which car best suits their needs and lifestyle. We all love cars, and also the thrill of driving. So Drive is also a destination for those like-minded enthusiasts with entertaining features on the latest in technology, events and places to enjoy driving your car. Start your engine...and let's go for a Drive.

20. Car Scoops


Car Scoops is founded by John Halas and now running by a team of automobile professional writers. It ranges from car reviews to discussion of car concepts. You may like its introduction of games and shows that related to our hobby, automobile life. The blog provides both join-in comments and car chat box which you are easily to communicate and ask any issue you may have and need to find solution.

21. Car Hoots


Car Hoots is an anomaly in the world of automotive media publications. Its display is showed like a colorful magazine and hilarious articles. The blog strives to engage and stimulate audience through unique and curated viral content that facilitates discussion amongst luxury automotive and lifestyle enthusiasts. In addition, there is a voting system letting you vote down or up for any articles you read which is not only help to build the content but also respect audiences. Unique and interesting sites!

22. Raw Autos


Managed by Josh Lewis, the site is automotive column and editorial blog which is a different sort of website. Raw Autos is full of reviews of automobile truths. Most importantly, at the author will try and help you decide for yourself about the automotive industry. The articles will often tell you lies and half-truths just because they can. Here, in Raw Autos, it will try and help weed through the crap and make sure that the truth gets out. Always remember that is where the fables stop and the truth starts.

23. Driving Line


From the old model to newest automobiles, Driving Line accelerates automotive passion by providing a fresh angle of what fuels us. Recognizing that every individual’s motoring journey is unique, it seeks to give form to both untold as well as celebrated facets of the automotive world. The site’s design is totally a bunch of interesting and colorful as it is. Let’s try to get behind the wheel with these articles, it’s certain to be an interesting drive.

24. Car Buzz


Car Buzz is a multi-platform automotive news source that contains everything from current events, editorials, features, videos and thoughtful insights. It strive to be the leader in car news and industry information on a multitude of platforms on-the-go or in the home or wherever our readers may be. The blog also offers the tips and advices before you spend for buying the car. It’s sure to help you fnd which automobile brand you should look for. Keep it up with Car Buzz and explore what you really like!

25. Top Speed

top-speed launched in 1995 and has since brought petrol-heads all the latest and greatest of the automotive world, via our 8 million page views per month. Though specialty lies in all things super-powerful and ultra-luxurious, the blog will also tell you what the latest is on the more mainstream cars. Whether you’re looking to buy a new Lamborghini or Volkswagen Golf,, and its 500,000 pages and millions of high-resolution images will help you make an educated decision all while keeping you entertained with creative renderings and witty commentary that you know you can trust. Currently, the blog is achieved No. 3 ranking on Cision’s "2013 Top 50 Auto Blogs" list.

26. Green Car Reports


Green Car Reports edited by John Voelcker, a 20-year veteran of print and online media, is the place car shoppers turn to for help deciphering the world of "green" cars, reporting on which ones benefit the Earth, and which don't do as well. Green Car Reports drives and reviews all green cars, offers advice and tips to consumers on going green, and keeps green-car enthusiasts in touch with the latest news and information they need to make an informed buying decision. If you are the one who likes driving and love to protect our environment, you definitely should check this blog and dig in it.

27. Car Type


Car Type features a comprehensive collection of emblems, car company histories, logos, reviews of typographical & graphical applications, design features and just about anything that is car related. Additionally, new sections and categories make the site even more comprehensive, like all kinds of new articles, specific car case histories, as well as a variety of car reviews ranging from green vehicles to supercars with tons of content added each and every day so visit often. The blog provides both join-in comments and car chat box which you are easily to communicate and ask any issue you may have and need to find solution.

28. Car and Driver


If you are looking for a trustworthy list of choices for the best car annually, simply visit Car and Drive. Car and Driver is the worldwide leader in providing objective test results and expert vehicle reviews. Over 2 million viewers have been the frequent viewer and trust in the blog’s reviews and tests. The blog also offers its magazine digital version which is more clean and comfortable for you. Combining a variety of information, this car blog can be enjoyed by all types of people!

29. Automotive Addicts


Automotive Addicts was created for auto enthusiasts of all types. Whether you like to dream about your favorite super car, drive like a maniac, enjoy the presence of other car lovers or have a slight interest in the automotive world, you will feel at home visiting Automotive Addicts. It strives to give our readers the most interesting automotive related material on the internet without recycling material from other networks. is proud to be an American business employing dedicated automotive enthusiasts who are able to captivate readers from all over the world. If you are Addicted, please, do not over-dose.

30. Motor Trend


Motor Trend is an American automobile magazine. It first appeared in September 1949, issued by Petersen Publishing Company in Los Angeles, and bearing the tagline “The Magazine for a Motoring World”. Petersen Publishing was sold to British publisher EMAP in 1998, who sold the former Petersen magazines to Primedia in 2001. As of 2007, it is published by TEN: The Enthusiast Network (formerly Source Interlink Media). It has a monthly circulation of over one million readers. From that, the blog-magazine is updating with car reviews and automobile tournaments.

31. Corvette Blogger


Keith Cornett is so passionate in automobile and has been around the Corvette hobby in his entire life. covers all generations of the Chevrolet Corvette including C7 news, spy photos, Corvette ZR1 videos, auctions, prices and Corvette Racing. Since he built Corvette Blogger, the blog is becoming a famous place which aims to perform valuations and appraisals, answer specific Corvette model questions, and handle customer service inquiries. If you want to have something news and specific, let visit and collect some ideas from here.

32. The Torque Report


It is quite different for a foreign blog mentioning brands of Japanese or Korean automobiles. However, the Torque Report chooses that pathway. Mostly, the blog gives the review articles to audience and some opinions in each brands which you can’t find in anywhere. In additionally, the blog provides a frequent green report which gives the full information of what car is friendly for our environment and the best fuel saving at the market. Let’s try to get behind the wheel with these articles, it’s certain to be an interesting time you would like!

33. Good Car Bad Car


The original mission of Good Car Bad Car was to advance, promote, and aggrandize the Good Car. Hand in hand with that, Good Car Bad Car always had at heart an assignment that would, in effect, dethrone the bad car, banish the frumpy car, and eliminate boring vehicular abominations. In 2016, the blog publishes auto sales brand rankings; lists for best-selling cars, trucks, and utility vehicles; lists for the best-selling vehicles overall and the best-selling expensive vehicles; the very popular full model rankings; and lists for the worst-selling vehicles.

34. The Auto Savant


Auto Savant is built by those who have been exposed to cars and the car business for decades, and they love having the opportunity to share some of those experiences with our readers. The blog is more about cars and the car business, no matter where that takes us – United States, Japan, Germany, France, China, Brazil, Australia, India, the U.K., etc. – and we provide both opinion and information. Auto Savant currently has writers in Singapore and in the U.S which help readers have the benefit of seeing a global picture regarding automotive products and industry.

35. Clean Fleet Report


Clean Fleet Report gives its readers the information they need to move to cars and trucks with best mileage, including electric cars, fuel cells, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, clean diesels and advanced gasoline engines. Also covered are other approaches to sustainable transportation including public transit, high-speed rail, electric trucks and heavy-duty, alternative fuels, biofuels, and car sharing in the United States. Like an encyclopedia, you won’t need to find other blog for searching information. It’s all in Clean Fleet Report!

36. Hydrogen Cars Now


Since Kevin Kantola (HydroKevin) had known of hydrogen cars, he was really interested in that type of automobile. As being the writer, editor and publisher, he had built Hydrogen Cars Now. The blog is about hydrogen cars, vehicles, infrastructure and the upcoming hydrogen economy. It will explore the technology behind hydrogen cars and the exciting industry news that will shape our new H2-centered world. Never experience of hydrogen cars and its techniques, why don’t you take a look inside this blog? I’m sure you will like its content.

37. Auto Tribute


Auto Tribute pays a tribute to the good cars — old or new; American, Asian or European; sports car or mainstream. To spare you the overload, the blog sets out to create a platform that brings you the news that matter and that allows you to keep up to date, discuss, share and learn about the developments in the automotive industry. In brief, the site provides Industry News which the owner provides opinion articles that thoroughly analyse the developments in the industry; Tributes which writes tributaries on the most critically-acclaimed vehicles to grace this world; and Reviews which provide opinions on the newest cars to hit the North American (Canada and U.S.) market, aiding prospective buyers in their car shopping. Sound interesting, let check it out!

38. Automotive Blog


Although it is a new blog launched in 2010, the Automotive has attracted nearly 9,000 followers and currently expanding. Automotive Blog is a new blog site dedicated to the automotive industry to bring you the latest news, car reviews and information, this will be the place to keep up to date on what’s happening. As it’s based in the UK, it sounds like the blog has included many UK’s brands as well as tips and advices for car driver living that country. Though it is not range in the large category like other blogs, the information the blog gives us is detailed and very concise.

39. Auto Repair


Being one of many category of, Auto Repair has been an attracted sites for many viewers. Rather than writing the automobile reviews which is duplicated in many blog, Auto Repair choose to give us many tips and advices like 5 ways to save more cars, or how to diagnose a Ford expedition transmission problem, etc. Very detail and useful for quick tips. People who do not have time for reading the long and bored articles, or just trying to find which problem you may been involved will definitely love this blog!


Have you ever image that you can repair and change your automobile parts by yourself? Sound hard and weird, right? But, don’t worry, Advance Auto Parts is a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry, with parts for most all vehicles, repairs, maintenance jobs and projects, plus a variety of free services. The blog is far more of self-learning. It will give you all useful information of DIY fixing and you don’t need to pay money for that services whether you learn from those articles.

41. Open Bay Overdrive


If you haven’t know what that site is about, Openbay is car repair for today's world and Open Bay Override is a forum component of that. Vehicles symbolize independence, yet when they break, many drivers still feel powerless when searching for a good mechanic. The blog will give you many detail and useful ideas that you can try to use when you have problems in your trip. Moreover, the site will suggest to you some available tips for riding and insurance. All in one pocket, it’s so valuable!

42. Auto Parts Warehouse


We know you’re not always shopping for a new spark plug or out to replace a broken headlamp. But even if you’re not, we will still continue to give you the best value by empowering you with information through the Auto Parts Warehouse Blog. How? The blog has the dashboard for the hottest deals, special promos, and rebates on APW. You can get the latest scoop on our regular contests and sweepstakes here. Besides, this blog also has the section offering objective product reviews written by our resident gearheads which you need useful and practical information about auto parts, especially when you’ve just purchased one or are still planning to. And with fabulous prizes often at stake, you wouldn’t want to miss out!

43. Ken Scales Automobile


As its precursor as a mobile repairing, Ken Scales Automobile won’t give you any reviews or articles introducing the new car as the normal sites. It focuses on helping the customer tricks and useful tips people may need in many cases. The tips is collected and written by company staffs who already have experienced in automobile self-protection. That’s why you can certainly believe in those tips and try to do that without fear of wrong information. Should check it as soon as you can!

44. British Sport Cars


Authorized by many automobile experts who have a total combined experience of more than 90 years, making British Sport Cars exceptionally familiar and experienced with the service, repair, and restoration of British automobiles. British Sports Cars specializes in the sale, service, repair and restoration of all makes of classic and late model British, European and American automobiles. Inside that blog, you can believe in what you read and research.


My Car Heaven is dedicated to showcasing, talking about, reviewing the most beautiful, cool, iconic and desirable cars and supercars. If you are reading this, you should either own or desire a beautiful car, due to beautiful looks, superb engineering, prestige of ownership or another personal reason. My Car Heaven is where you can find information about the cars and associated cool stuff. One component I really like is the series of Car Garage of this blog. It highlights the beautiful fantasy car garages from around the world that have really caught our eye. Beautiful cars should be kept somewhere beautiful, so check this out!

It’s been very difficult narrowing my list down to come up with the number 1 car blog and this list shows some of my very favorite blogs that I’ve been reading for the past 5+ years. Of course as usual you can see that we have quite a variety from the information of car reviews and retails, I should say my site is one of good place for reading and researching, too. I hope you’re enjoying this series of 50 dog blogs. Let’s share with us your experience of reading things on their blog. I’d love to read and talk to you!