Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Tips on Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Everyone knows how expensive a carpet is. So if you want to maximize your investment for a long time, you should know how to maintain your carpet and keep it clean. However, maintaining your carpet by keeping it clean can be a little more challenging, unlike tiled floors. Tiled floors can be cleaned easily with a broom, vacuum, and a map, while carpeted floors are more complicated to clean.

Whatever type of carpet you have, regular cleaning is always the best thing to do to extend its life. Take a look at these tips below on how to keep your carpet clean and smelling great.

  • Establish a “No Shoes Inside” Rule
  • Keep a Clean Rug by the Door
  • Use Baking Soda
  • Vacuum Well Regularly
  • Clean Spills and Stains Right Away
  • Treat Areas with High-Traffic More Often
  • Elevate Your Furniture

Establish a “No Shoes Inside” Rule

This rule may seem easy to establish in your family, but it can be a little awkward when it comes to visitors. If you find it awkward or a little rude to ask your visitors to keep their shoes outside, you can put a shelf by your door where visitors can leave their shoes and wear indoor slippers. Establishing a “no shoes inside” rule will help you decrease the amount of dirt, toxins, and germs that will stick to your carpet. You can also reduce the wear and tear on the carpet’s fibers.

Keep a Clean Rug by the Door

Sometimes, kids just love to hang out and play outside barefoot. However, the crucial part comes in when they enter the house and wipe their feet on your carpet. Can you imagine how your carpet would end up, especially if it’s wet outside and their feet are covered with mud? If you can’t stay on guard every time they enter the house from going barefoot outdoors, be sure that you always have a clean rug in and out at each exterior door of your house so they can wipe off their feet. This trick works with some visitors, too, if they are too stubborn to leave their shoes outside.

Use Baking Soda

Sprinkling a baking soda over your carpets before vacuuming will get rid of its foul odors. Put more baking soda over the areas with a strong scent that is sometimes caused by pets’ urine or poop.

Vacuum Well Regularly

Vacuuming regularly will help you keep the dirt from grounding in, which is harder to get rid of over time. Vacuum at least once or twice a week to get rid of the large particles, which can also stick to the pet’s coat and the child’s feet. By the time of your scheduled day to vacuum, the dirt from outside has already spread on your entire house. The more you vacuum, the better.

When it comes to the carpets inside your car, you can use car vacuums on the market as often as needed. If you have kids, you should use car vacuums more often than needed.

use car vacuums

Clean Spills and Stains Right Away

The longer you leave spills on your carpet, the harder it gets to be removed. The stains caused by spills can become your permanent enemy if it’s left untreated. If you have food spills on your carpet, scrape it toward the middle and onto a towel or tissue to keep it from spreading further on your carpet. Once you get rid of the solids, treat the stain by spraying a mix of hot water with detergent on the stain. Let the mixture sit for 5 – 10 minutes before you remove it for good.

You can also buy stain removers on the market if you’re uncomfortable with using a DIY stain remover.

Treat Areas with High-Traffic More Often

Your kitchen and hallway are the areas of your house with the highest traffic. Thus, these areas tend to compile more dirt than other parts of your house. Instead of cleaning your carpet in these areas only once a week, clean it more often.

Elevate Your Furniture

Furniture often leaves rust or stains on damp carpets over time due to metal casters or paint, so keep it elevated. You can put wood blocks under each leg or even plastic film. Inserting rubber on each leg of your furniture can also work to avoid stains.


Whether you use a DIY carpet cleaner or not, regular cleaning will take care of the dirt on your carpet. Just be sure to use antibacterial solutions, too, so you and your kids are safe to roll on your carpet anytime they want. If you can’t make time to keep your carpets clean, you can always call the professionals and let them do the dirty work.