Why Tekmetric Gets 5 Stars

Auto Shop Software – Why Tekmetric Gets 5 Stars

A good piece of software can make all the difference in how easy and helpful your job is. Some software programs have a lot of options, but it takes 50 or more hours just to get the basics. We love intuitive and helpful software that gets the job done. That’s why so many people have purchased the iPhone and similar products.

Tekmetrics get 5 stars from most users because it is intuitive, has great customer service, lots of updates, and is high speed. Users of the software like that it has a texting feature to communicate with the customer, it allows electronic approvals over the phone, has customer history, unlimited auto shop users, the ability to send pictures of car issues, and is integrated with most vendors.  

When I look for software, I always look at the customer reviews, and Tekmetric has been getting some very good reviews for ease of use, value, customer support, and functionality. Customers are likely to come back when they find value in their experience, and Tekmetric adds value for customer and service center operators. 

Customers Feel Welcomed

Make Customers Feel Welcome
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Most auto shops are too busy to focus on their customers. Not only do they have cars to fix, but they also have an overload of administrative duties to take care of. The Tekmetric auto shop software helps reduce the workload and allows you to focus on the needs of your customers.

So instead of a quick “hello, we’ll be with you in a minute,” which then leads to fifteen minutes because you are too busy working on other things, your employees can spend less time with software and more time making customers feel welcome.

You Can Send Work Details By Email

The Tekmetric auto shop software will get 5 stars in part because it enables you to send the customer a detailed description of the work you will be carrying out on their vehicle via email or text. You can also send pictures so that customers will have peace of mind because they will know exactly what is wrong with their car and how you intend to fix it.

You can Send Promotions and Tips Via Email.

The Tekmetric auto shop software can also be used for email marketing and allow you to stay in touch with your customers. Customers like to feel taken care of. 

So sending promotions to your customers can help them feel appropriate because they can get a good deal by email. To go the extra mile, you can also send them free tips on car maintenance, all of which will make your customers feel appreciated and keep them coming back.

It can Teaches Drivers.

How to Keep Their Cars Out of The Garage
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To your customer, you should be seen as an expert in their mind; therefore, you will need to position yourself as such. You can do this by demonstrating your expertise, so instead of just fixing cars, you can send customers informative articles that help and inform them about their cars. This can be done with Tekmetric software. 

You can build trust and loyalty by letting customers know you are thinking about them.

Customers Give 5 Stars 

To look at customer reviews, you can go to the website Software Advice.com. It will help you see why they like the Tekmetric auto shop software.

To find out more about the software for the company, go to tekmetric.com.  If you want to see some videos, you can also go to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/tekmetric/


Tekmetric is an intuitive software that helps service center operators to get things done easily and helps customers to feel like they are being informed and appreciated better. It has been getting a consistent 5-star review from users of the software because it works so well and has great customer service.

It is also great for the customer since you can send pictures and text to them. This helps the service center and customers relay information and get approvals for repairs easier. This communication helps build trust and can help customers come back time and again.