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RV Holding Tank Treatment (Top 5 Recommended on Amazon)

Most of us don’t like to talk about this topic but doing regular maintenance on our RV’s septic system is important. As none of us would want to use stinky porta-potties, as well as dirty common bathroom cubicles, managing our own RV holding tank is very helpful and convenient for all of us.

Given the benefits an RV holding tank can provide us, it is necessary to take proper care of it to prevent its deterioration. In this article, we are going to be discussing the best RV holding tank treatment and the factors to consider before you buy one. We have the top 5 picks, as well as some tips.

What Factors Should You Consider Before Choosing The Best RV Holding Tank Treatment?

While there are numerous choices for the best RV holding tank treatment, you have to make sure that the factors mentioned below are considered to make choosing the best one a lot easier for you.

  • Travel time: Your RV’s toilet system might require extra consideration if you are planning on traveling for a long period of time, especially if you do not have the time or chance to discharge the holding tank. It should also be noted that an RV that has a portable toilet should always have an extra tank for bigger capacity.
  • Composition: The one you should buy must not contain harmful chemicals, however effective they may be, such as formaldehyde. These are not environment friendly and can cause irritation to chemically sensitive people.
  • Material: If you care about the environment, you should consider choosing a product that is organic and biodegradable. In addition, choosing a non-toxic holding tank treatment is guaranteed to deliver the same result as those that contain harmful chemicals.
  • Type: It is important that you consider this factor first. As you will see below, there are various types to choose from and it will save you a lot of time if you know what type you are looking for initially.
  • Compatibility: While there are many types and products to choose from, consider buying the one that you will be able to use for both black and gray tanks. This will save you a lot of money as you only need one instead of buying two separate treatments.
  • Ease of use: The RV holding tank treatment you should consider buying must be easy and convenient to use. Some products cause spillage when measuring. This is already considered a hassle because extra cleanup will be required. So as a helpful tip, go for the product that will not create a mess when using.
  • Features: Before you evaluate the price of the product, review the features carefully first. This will give you enlightenment on what features you will most benefit from.
  • Price: This is also considered a very important determining factor when choosing the best RV holding tank treatment. Product features, pros, and cons should be carefully reviewed to be able to come up with the price you will be willing to pay for the product.
  • User reviews and ratings: First hand experiences are vital because it details how well the product has worked out for the actual buyers of the product. User ratings also give you a summary of these reviews.

Top Picks for the Best RV Holding Tank Treatment

To help you narrow down your choices, here are five of the products that I believe stand out against most of their competitors.

1. Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment

Aside from being one of the best odor neutralizers, the Happy Campers holding tank treatment is also a cost effective product. Unlike many chemical treatments, this product features highly concentrated mixture that gets rid of odor without covering it up with perfume. In addition, its performance will not be affected by factors such as extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Major Features:

  • Made from biodegradable and organic materials
  • Septic tank and environment friendly
  • Will not give off sewer or chemical smell
  • Can withstand extremely hot and cold temperatures
  • Has the ability to liquefy most solid wastes, as well as common household tissue
  • Item weight is 8 pounds


  • Odor free
  • Cost effective
  • Made of highly concentrated monohydrate mixture
  • 1 scoop will treat your 40 gallon black tank
  • 1 scoop will treat your gray tank


  • Might not perform its Job in all situations

2. Tank Techs Rx - RV Holding Tank Treatment & Cleaner

The Tank Techs RX holding tank treatment is a great product, as you only need a little amount to do more of your maintenance task. In addition, it costs less, which makes great value for your money. You can just use this treatment on your holding tank and it will be able to multiply itself so it can cover a lot of area. For its specifications, product dimensions are 9.6 x 3.6 x 3.3 inches and item weight is 2.4 pounds.

Major Features:

  • Has a large 8-inch opening
  • Features a cap that has an O-ring seal
  • Comes with a 15 quart drain master
  • The opening has a catch-all basket
  • Features an easy handle design


  • Ideal for recycling oil
  • Impenetrable by gasoline, oil, and anti-freeze
  • One bottle can last for a long time
  • Can be used for black and gray tanks
  • Customer service is one of the best
  • Fast shipping
  • No messy clean up on top and the sides of the holding tank


  • Might need additional amount to get rid of odor
  • A lot of water is required and is not ideal for long trips

3. Unique RV Digest It Holding Tank Treatment

With the Unique RV holding tank treatment, you can finally say goodbye to those embarrassing clogs and odors. If you have this in your RV, costumers say that you will travel without worry. It is already satisfying to know that the Unique brand features an advanced mixture of waste-ridding component that is capable of eliminating foul odors and is proven to liquefy solid wastes from the gray and black tank.

Major Features:

  • Comes with advanced enzyme formula
  • Free from formaldehyde
  • Can unclog clogged tanks overnight
  • Has the ability to clean and restore level gauges and tank sensors
  • Capable of getting rid of all types of toilet papers
  • Can liquefy stubborn solid wastes
  • Item weight is 32 ounces


  • Can be used for up to 16 treatments
  • Result is odor free
  • You will not need any kind of special RV toilet paper
  • Works effectively
  • No harsh chemicals were used in producing the treatment
  • Safe for you and your family


  • Has the tendency to freeze when stored in a cold temperature

4. Yara ODORLOS Holding Tank Treatment

The Odorlos holding tank treatment can do more using less of it. One use will be able to get rid of foul odor and it can complete dissolve toilet papers, as well as solid wastes. Not only that, it also has the ability to lubricate valves and prevent clogs of any kind. Probably the best thing about this holding tank treatment is that it is safe for people who are chemically sensitive.

Major Features:

  • Comes in a 40-ounce bottle
  • Terminates all kinds of foul odors
  • Dissolves solid wastes effectively
  • Prevents clogs
  • Can lubricate valves
  • Biodegradable


  • Effective in maintaining your RV holding tank
  • Scent-free
  • Creates no stains
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Safe for use even for chemically sensitive people
  • Get rid of solid wastes, as well as toilet papers


  • Measuring can be quite messy

5. Valterra Pure Power Blue Waste Digester and Odor Eliminator

The Valterra waste treatment is natural and non-toxic. It can be used for black and gray holding tanks and will be able to eliminate all kinds of foul odor. It is interesting to know that this product contains bacteria and enzyme that are designed to get rid of odors. In addition, it can work in conditions up tp 130 degrees.

Major Features:

  • A bottle can be used up to for 64 applications
  • All natural and non-toxic
  • Cost effective
  • Features very powerful odor control
  • Can be used on gray and black water tank
  • For boat, RV, and porta-potty use
  • Comes in a 128-ounce bottle


  • Easy to use
  • Get rid of bacteria-causing odor
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Solves odor problems while keeping your tank clean
  • Can be used after a single toilet use or regular maintenance
  • Will be able to break down solid wastes


  • May not cover all odors
  • May need more treatments to fix odors

Different Types of RV Holding Tank Treatment

There are a lot of different ways on how to classify RV holding tank treatments that are available in the market. Below are two of the most common choices that you will encounter:

1. Tablet Holding Tank Treatment

  • Let’s you add a tablet into the tank
  • Will not require you to measure anything
  • Will not create mess from spillage

2. Liquid Holding Tank Treatment

  • Easy to use as you only need to flush the toilet down
  • Requires measuring of the chemical before pouring down the holding tank
  • Spillage may occur
  • Very convenient to use

Another way of classifying RV holding tank treatments is through its composition and how it is made: here’s what you need to know:

1. Made with formaldehyde

  • Very effective in killing bacteria
  • Can also prevent bacterial growth
  • May be harmful for the environment
  • Might cause irritation especially to chemically sensitive people

2. Formaldehyde-free

  • Formaldehyde was not used in the blend
  • Environment friendly
  • Safe for use of your family, even for chemically sensitive people

Quick Tips In Using An RV Holding Tank Treatment

Once you have the best RV holding tank treatment in hand, here are some important points you always have to remember:

  • If you are using your RV toilet on a regular basis, deep cleaning is required at least once in a week.
  • You might need a tank-cleaning wand for further cleaning your holding tank.
  • Another tool you might want to consider getting is a sewer hose connector. It is helpful especially if you want to check what’s coming out of your holding tank.
  • When using the treatment, make sure to flush the toilet twice. This will ensure that there is water that covers the bottom part of the holding tank.
  • In addition, you have to make sure that the toilet is full of water before using your holding tank treatment of choice.
  • Clogs can result from using different types of RV toilet paper. Worry no more as some of the products that are listed above have the ability to break down toilet paper, as well as other solid wastes.
  • A well-maintained RV holding tank will guarantee a hassle free and comfortable RV travelling.
  • A swiveling sewer connector might be better to use because it is easier and delivers a more sanitary hook up.
  • A sewer hose seal can also be a beneficial addition to your tools while cleaning and maintaining your RV holding tank. It takes minimal space and costs not as much. Its task is to prevent any kind of spillage or leakage from the sewer hose onto the ground.


The best RV holding tank treatment is a very important in keeping your RV toilet well maintained. It will be providing you a hygienic toilet to use whenever you are out on an RV trip. In addition, this will guarantee a hassle-free and less frustrating RV trip especially if you are in a remote area. With the products mentioned above, we hope you will be able to choose the best one that will be a great value for your money.

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