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How To Make A Nissan Altima Battery Terminal Replacement?

You may take care of your car regularly by washing and cleansing it, but have you ever been concerned about the internal parts of your car body? Have you ever tried to take care of vital internal components like battery terminals, which can be Nissan Altima battery terminals or whichever is installed in your car?

You should look at your battery terminals by replacing them on a regular basis. Sometimes, after a long time, you check the terminals and find them so corroded due to acidic substances that you cannot even fix them at home. So before taking it extremely seriously, just inspect them at definite intervals.

You may be surprised, but you can replace your battery terminals by yourself only. There is no need to hire a technician for it. For the replacement procedure, you just need to perform some steps, and you should also have some equipment tools. By taking some precautions, you will accomplish this task well.

Required Tools for Conducting the Battery Terminal Procedure


When you open your car bonnet, just have a look at the battery portion. You find a white or bluish powdery substance, which is called dried acid. So that means your battery terminals are screaming at you loudly to take care of them properly at regular intervals. With the help of the above-enlisted tools, you can easily proceed well with the replacement.

You should follow the instructions below while you are performing this task:

  • Avoid excessive tightening of nuts
  • Always use cloth while you take the nuts off both terminals
  • ​In case of replacement of the terminal cable, cut the insulation properly
  • ​Avoid direct contact with your skin and eyes with battery corrosion, as it can irritate your skin and harm your eyes
  • Remove the first negative battery terminal only

The following Steps should be taken for the Replacement of Nissan Altima Battery Terminals

First of all, you should remove your car key from the ignition and close off the car to execute the following steps:

1. Requirement of Replacement

Nissan Altima Battery Terminal Replacement

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If you find terminals that have corroded and the ends are cracked, then it’s time for replacement. Your battery terminal ends are made up of lead. If you frequently open and close the ends, then it results in weakening, cracking, and breaking off ends.

If you find cracks on terminals or you have to make efforts to tighten them to resist the movement of ends, then it is time to replace the terminals.

2. Disconnect the Negative End

Keep in mind one thing always: you should disconnect the negative terminal first because it will reduce the possibility of shorting the battery when you are disconnecting the positive terminal.

Find a bolt and, using the nominal-sized wrench, rotate in a counter-clock direction.

3. Cautiously Bring the Negative Terminal Up


You should lift up the negative terminal using a cloth. You should be careful with the corroded battery as it is harmful to our skin and eyes when they come in contact with it.

4. Disconnect the Positive End

 Disconnect the Positive End

On the positive end, loosen the nut in anti-clockwise by using a suitably sized wrench. You should just loosen the nut until the terminal can be removed from the post easily. Use sandpaper to clean the occupied area of terminals wholly.

Carefully remove the positive end using a cloth and then place it on it.

5. Locate the Nut on the Negative Terminal

Locate the nut on the negative terminal, and, by using a wrench, remove it from the bolt. Now, take off the wire plates, which are placed on the top and bottom of the terminal.

It is totally okay if you take the wire plate off with your hands. It is not at all risky.

6. Replace the Wire Plate by New One

Nissan Altima Battery Terminal Replacement

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Put aside the old terminal and replace it with the new one. After that, replace the wire plates also.

It is not mandatory that wire plates should be placed in the same order.

7. Cutting and Stripping of Wires

Using cutters, cut the old end of the cable and strip it with a knife. Push down against the wire and twist it. This process is mandatory for both wires to cut their insulation.

8. Insertion of Stripped Wires

Insert the stripped wires inside both terminals until the wires begin to poke out. Do this after tightening the two bolts firmly. Drag out the wires tightly to make sure whether you fasten them properly or not.

9. Clean and Inspect Top Posts

You should safely clean the top posts with the help of a terminal wire brush. Clean both inside and outside until the metal shines again and becomes free from corrosion.

If they are extremely corroded, then try to clean them by applying a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on the surface of the posts.

10. Fix the Flat Washer Up on the Top Post

Locate the flat washer. Next, tighten the bolt from the thread side.

It is not necessary to use a flat washer for all the batteries. If your pack comes without a washer, then only tighten the nut by rotating anticlockwise using a wrench.

11. Put the New Positive Terminal Back on the Node

Nissan Altima Battery Terminal Replacement

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Install the new positive terminal back by using cloth on the positive node.

12. Put the New Negative Terminal Back on the Node

Nissan Altima Battery Terminal Replacement

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Place the negative terminal back by using a cloth onto the negative node.

13. Tighten the Nuts of Both the Terminals

Tighten the nut on the negative terminal by rotating it clockwise with the help of a wrench.

The Same operation is carried out on the positive terminal. For the safety and security of connection, you do not need to tighten the nuts too much. Excessive tightening will result in cracks on the terminal portion.

Click on the below link to get a practical idea of the replacement of battery terminals, which will be helpful to perform all the steps mentioned above well:

You should inspect and clean your battery terminals twice a year. This will keep away your battery terminals from corrosion. I recommend you check your battery terminals when you go for the oil change.

Choose the kind of terminals that consist of highly anti-corrosive metal. You should prefer the Nissan Altima battery terminals for the long life of your battery as they are made up of anti-corrosion steel for increased current flow and to reduce the current loss flowing through cables..


Now, I hope you can see how easy it is to replace your car’s battery terminals. As I mentioned in the above procedures, there are a few steps. Replacing car battery terminals is the process of cutting the old terminal end, stripping the wires to cut the insulation, and inserting and tightening the nuts.

If you are considering that the replacement process can only be done with technical knowledge, then you are proved wrong here. It only needs some precautions. Well, if you are a car enthusiast, then you should prefer to do it at home and become more familiar with the internal parts of your beloved car.

I hope the preceding paragraphs’ approach and replacement procedure will help you easily in replacing your darling car’s corroded battery terminals with brand new Nissan Altima Battery terminals and enjoy a smooth car ride! Visit us for more car-related information.