Motorcycle Engine Degreasers

Motorcycle Engine Degreasers [2020]

When I owned a motorcycle, there were a few times I really needed it cleaned spotless. When I was selling my motorcycle and when I was working on my motorcycle. Whatever your reasons for cleaning your bike, an engine degreaser is a helpful tool.

I'll share my recommended motorcycle engine cleaners. Most car engine cleaners work fine on motorcycle engines. Yet, many engine degreasers are powerful and can cause problems with aluminum, paint, and plastic. So choose wisely and consider elbow grease over chemicals. 

The best choice for your motorcycle engine is likely the most gentle one, such as plain dish soap. Some can work great at getting grease off, but you may need to do a bit more scrubbing than an engine degreaser spray.

My Top Motorcycle Engine Degreasers

My Three Engine Degrease Recommendations

our Pick


Gently cleans your bike. Can be used on paint as well. Should be safe on the entire bike.

When using it on your bike engine, scrubbing is needed, but how much all depends on the level of built-up grime. 


Specifically formulated to remove grease and grime. Works great for most customers.

If you have aluminum exposed, you may need to dilute the concentration. 


Good for cleaning your entire motorcycle. Customers really love this product. 

If you have aluminum exposed, you may need to dilute the concentration. 

Engine Degreaser Choices?

These bike and engine degreaser all claim to be safe to use on your bike. From what I have read and learned about, that seems to be true for almost all customers who use these products. 

If I was degreasing a motorcycle and didn't have the money or time to get a degreaser I would instead just use dish soap. These aren't always best for your bike's paint, but they can be effective at cleaning your bike's engine.

All you need is to put in the time to scrubs with a brush and clean with some rags to get a very good clean. You'll likely need to do this with many engine degreasers anyway. 



1ST CHOICE - Choose Nu Finish if you want the gentlest cleaner for your bike. 

I like that it cleans effectively and is still safe for all over your bike. 

It's made with orange oil and is supposed to help you get a streak-free finish on your paint. 

It claims that it can remove tar, sap, and stuck on road debris. Customers seem to agree. 

I would use this on my motorcycle first before other products, although I would be careful not to get it on my bike seat because I don't know how the orange oil would affect that. 


2ND CHOICE - Choose Chemical Guys Orange Degreaser if you want a gentle clean for your bike that is more potent.  

I like that it cleans effectively and is fairly safe for your engine and greasy bike parts. 

It's made with citrus and is supposed to work fast to emulsify grease, oil, dirt, and grime. 

It is a concentrated formula, so you may want to dilute it if you are concerned about it being too powerful.

I would use this on my motorcycle but try diluting first to see how well it cleans at lower concentrations just to be safe.  


3RD CHOICE - Choose S100 Total Cycle Cleaner if you want an effective cleaner for your bike.  

I like that it can clean the entire bike and your engine as well.  

It's made to prohibit corrosion and is non-acidic. 

It is a large container so it should last a long time.

It claims to be safe on paint, chrome, alloy, plastic, rubber, bearings, O-rings.

I would use this on my motorcycle but first try it on a small section to ensure it is completely safe, especially with aluminum. 

Should I use Dish Soap to Clean My Motorcycle Engine?

If your ready to clean and you don't know which cleaner you should use, you can always try regular gentle soap. I love this video from ChrisFix about cleaning his car engine with only dish soap and water

You'll see how he cleans effectively with only dish soap, although it does take some time. If you don't have the time, then I still think using a spray bottle with a bit of dish soap is a good idea, just get a good brush and do a quick clean. 

Cleaning your engine is important for maintaining your motorcycle. It helps the parts work properly and helps you see if there are problems that need to be addressed. 

I hope you can find that best product that works well for your bike and get the clean engine you want. Thanks for visiting this page.