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How To Make Use Of Manual Impact Drivers To Complete Household Jobs?

In day-to-day life, we are surrounded by some equipment. There are many issues we face every day while dealing with screws, bolts, and nuts associated with various equipment. So, are you wondering how to deal with it? If you look out for things that can help you out with that, then there will be only two tools you will come across. Those two tools are drill and impact driver.

Now, the real dilemma is how which one is good for you. So let me make it very clear. Impact drivers are the best for you to do your household jobs. These tools are great for such kind of work. If you are not aware of how to deal with this tool, then do not worry. Just go through all the information very carefully, and you will be content with adequate knowledge about how to use impact drivers. There are mainly two types of impact drivers as below:

  • Manual Impact Drivers: Such impact drivers are used with the help of handy tools and are operated manually. It does not require any power. However, it requires a little bit of your strength as it works manually.
  • Cordless Battery-Operated Impact Drivers: These types of impact drivers are battery-operated. It contains motors to rotate. Batteries of 20 volts are being used. These are power-operated tools and, therefore, easy to use.

Which are the essential and efficient tools you have to keep handy while dealing with manual impact drivers?

  • Heavy safety gloves: You should always wear safety gloves while working with manual impact drivers. Otherwise, you can always get yourself injured by hitting the hammer in your hand.
  • Safety goggles: Whenever you work with mechanical tools, you should always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Your eyes are the most sensitive part. It can get an injury if something strikes suddenly without your attention.
  • Hammer:Hammer is an essential tool if you are using a manual impact driver. You have to apply your strength to fasten or loosen screws, bolts, and nuts. The use of a hammer makes it easier.

Do you know how to use impact drivers? If no, carefully read the instructions step by step to use it in a proper way.

  • Use a good quality impact driver: To use a good quality impact driver is a must. If you do not use good quality tools, then it will not be able to achieve the expected performance. You might be wondering how you should decide which is the good quality impact driver. Ease of performance is the key to defining the quality.
  • Pick the right bit: When you buy an impact driver, then, there are bits given with them. You have to choose the right bit, which is appropriate for your requirements. Your bit should match with the screw, bolt or nut you are dealing with. If it does not match properly, then you will not be able to fasten or loosen them correctly. Picking up the right bit is the first step towards using this tool the right way.
  • Install bit adapter: This is the most important step. You have to install bit adapter properly. If you cannot figure it out, then you should refer to the user manual once to get the right idea. If it is not fixed in a right manner, then you will not be able to complete your task.
  • Assure that your grip is firm: When you rotate the impact driver, you have to hold it tightly. To do so, you need a grip. Before you use it, ensure first if your grip is firm or not. A firm grip will make the task easy, and you can easily fasten or loosen the screws or bolts.
  • Fix the screw: Once you are ready with your tool, then now it’s time to get ready to perform your task. Simply just place your tool on the screw or bolt which needs to be fastened or loose.
  • Put on the pressure on the tool: If you are using a manual impact driver, then you will need to apply pressure to the tool. You can use the hammer to do it without much effort. When you place your tool on the screw, just put on some pressure with the hammer. You have to keep hammering until the screw fastens or loosens.
  • Rotate the tool in the proper direction according to your requirements: When you are hammering, you have to rotate the tool. You might be aware in which direction you have to rotate. If not, it is very simple. You just need to figure out whether you want to fasten or loosen the screw. If you have to fasten your screw or bolt, then you have to rotate to the right. If you want to loosen your screw, then you have to rotate it in the left direction.
  • Keep applying proper force on the tool: While rotating and hammering, keep applying an external force. However, while doing so, keep your eye on the screw. When you notice that it is enough fasted or lost, stop hammering. Now just simply rotate the screw and take it out if you had to loosen the screw.
  • Detach the bit adapter: So finally, as you are done with your task, you just have to detach the bit adapter that you installed in the beginning.


To summarize, you just need to read all the steps meticulously and follow them carefully. If you do so, this tool will be handy for you. I hope the above information mentioned about how to use impact drivers will help you.

If you have any doubt, then you can always refer the manual which is given to this tool. Be careful while you are working with a manual impact driver. One more thing is that you can always use the cordless battery-operated impact drivers to make this task easier. Thank you!