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How To keep Mice Away Of Your Car Engine?

Maintaining your car is the topmost priority of any car owner. You should always keep your car maintenance tips book handy and follow them with utmost care. This will not only make your car look brand new but also increase its life span.

A common problem we all face in every arena is the problem of rodents. They destroy our house, basement, and even our cars. Many people have reported the problem of mice in their car engines which have caused mayhem by destroying vital parts of an engine.

How do Mice Get in Cars?

When you feel secure after locking your car in the parking lot and going off to work, that’s the time your car is unsafe and can be easily attacked by rodents. They have a way of getting into any type of vehicles due to their small size without setting off any alarm. The common entry points are:

  • Engine: they can crawl up in tiny spaces of the engine and enter the car. They also chew the wires and other parts, causing considerable damage.
  • Vents: rodents have easy access to the vents of the car and squeeze right through them. They travel from vents to other parts destroying each of them and also leaving that dirty smell.
  • Holes around cables: as there are tiny gaps which are present in the cables which seem harmless as they are so small, this isn’t a problem for a mouse as they can easily get around them and also chew the cables.
  • Pedal shafts: there are small shafts enclosed within the pedals for easy movement. This is an easily accessible entry point for a mouse and can be a nuisance to adjoining parts of the car.
  • Steering columns: there is a little space between the steering column which provides a grip for our hands on the steering wheel and it is also a great entry point for a mouse. It then attacks the seats, dashboard, gear etc.
  • Windows: if you have a habit of leaving your windows cracked, then your car is a hot target for mice to destroy. Never leave any space open in your car even the tiny ones to provide access to mice.

How to Prevent Mice from Entering your Car?

You don’t need to get an extensive treatment to keep away mice and you can do this very easily by following some tips regularly to stop this infestation once and for all.

1. Cleanliness


The most important and easy tip is to keep your car clean at all times. Many people have the habit of loading their car with junk such as tissues, wrappers, cups, takeaway bags, etc. These things have some food residue in them, which is like a magnet to a mouse. Always dispose of the used wrappers and materials not only to keep away the mice but also to maintain good personal hygiene.

2. Avoid Moisture

Avoid Moisture

Mice are most attracted to moist areas like the engine and can completely destroy it once they are in. Moisture can be caused by a leak in the heater, damp clothing, and blocked pollen. Regularly inspect your engine for these problems and take action right away.

3. Use Copper Wire Screens

Use Copper Wire Screens

Mice and rats are not big fans of the taste of copper and are repelled by it. The most easily accessible openings of the engine compartment are the air ventilation system and the evaporation drain tubes. Cover these entry points with copper screens as mice will never gnaw on copper.

You should take the help of a mechanic before sealing off the openings of the engine compartment.

4. Use Rodent Repellent Tactics

Use Rodent Repellent Tactics

If your car has been infested by rodents, then keep rat poison in your car overnight to help get rid of it. You can get this poison at any market or you can make it at home. Homemade mouse poison works as effectively as market-bought one and is relatively easy to make.

You can also use peppermint oil as mice despise the smell of that. One of the most effective methods is to use ultrasonic devices. Install two or three devices near your car and, most importantly, in the engine bay itself. You can also make a pouch filled with five to ten mothballs and keep it in the engine bay in a place which is relatively cooled.

5. Keep the Hood Open when Parked

Keep the Hood Open when Parked

This only works if you have parked in an area where the engine can receive sunlight. Don’t keep the hood open if you have parked in a dark basement, as a dark, dry, and warm place is attractive to mice and rats. Mice won’t attack your car where the light is shining brightly on your car as they usually repel light.

The damage caused by mice and rats may seem minor at first but once they start to destroy the electrical systems and other important mechanical parts, you will have a long bill due in order to replace it. A car engine is a hot target for mice to enter and feed, as there are many entry points available in it.

An Engine consists of very important components of a car so you should take utmost care of the engine and seal these entry points as soon as possible. Just follow the above-mentioned easy tips, and you can keep these rodents at bay.