Double Din Or Single Din

How is Double Din Audio System Better Than Single Din?

Most of us spend a significant amount of money on buying a new car. However, in addition to the expense you incur on buying a new car, installing the right automotive stereo system is also pretty important. When you look at the type of stereo systems, two options which you will come across are:

  • Single Din Stereo System
  • Double Din Stereo System

DIN stands for the range of the stereo system. A double DIN stereo has a range of 180 mm x 100 mm. When you compare this with the single din stereo, you will realize that the double din stereo has a significantly higher. There are a few other benefits of the double din stereo such as The double din stereo systems come with a touchscreen, have mobile app support, are larger in size, have better integration, and have easy connectivity.

It is important to distinguish between double-din stereo and single-din stereo. Only once you distinguish will you be able to pick the right one. According to David Foster, just by looking at both options, you will not be able to easily distinguish the differences. Obviously, the double din stereo is much better as compared to the single din stereo. In order to understand the advantages of double din stereo, you have to look into the technicalities of both options.

1. Touchscreen Display

In most of the double din stereo systems, you will notice the presence of a touchscreen. This ensures that you are able to control the stereo system quite easily. You will be able to enable the various functions in a much easier way. Touchscreen input provides you with an excellent GUI to control the stereo system.

When you compare it with the single din stereo, it consists of a button panel that helps you control the stereo. The control panel of single din stereo is much less interactive. Only a few latest variants of the single din stereo systems consist of a touchscreen.

2. Mobile App Support

In most of the double din stereo systems which have a touchscreen, there is also support for mobile phone applications. This means that you will be able to directly play the songs from your iPhone or from your android smartphone. This eliminates the need for transferring the songs to a USB drive. You need not worry about the USB slot or any other connectivity mode, as you can easily control it with your smartphone.

Mobile app support

The single din stereo system does not consist of any operating system apart from the ones which have a touchscreen. Thus, the capability to control it with the help of mobile apps is minimized to a few models. As for the models, which do not have a touchscreen, the control panel at the front provides you with the control interface.

3. Larger in Size

The large range of the double din stereo system can be attributed to its large size. When compared to a single-din stereo system, it is larger in size, which provides it with a better range.

At first look, a smaller stereo system might seem like an advantage, but it is the cost and lack of range of the stereo which nullifies the advantage.

4. Integration with Online Streaming Applications

In most cases, the double din stereo has the android operating system. With the help of this operating system, you will be able to install a wide variety of mobile applications. You can install entertainment streaming applications. With the help of these applications, the content which you will be able to access is unlimited. This opens up new avenues for you when it comes to automotive entertainment. Also, this ensures that you are able to use your normal entertainment app accounts in your automobile as well.

The support for mobile applications is pretty limited when it comes to single din stereo systems. Moreover, with limited range, it is not much of an advantage either.

5. Better Integration

Double din stereo allows you to connect your smartphone or SD cards to it. This means that there are virtually unlimited entertainment avenues that you can tap into. You can easily decide the source with the help of which you want to access.

Better integration

Single Din stereo systems are somewhat equal in this department as some models of single-din stereos can also provide you with such integration options.

6. Hands-free Calling Operation

Your smartphone can be easily connected to the double din stereo system. This ensures that you are able to use it for taking calls in a hands-free manner. This makes it easier for you to concentrate only on driving. In case you want to take a call, you need not pick up the smartphone. You can use the hands-free option of the double din stereo. This will allow you to communicate with the caller without taking your eyes off the road. Thus, in addition to entertainment, safety is also enhanced with the help of the double din stereo system.

The latest models of the single din stereo can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone, but the Achilles heel proves to be the range that again limits the call quality.

Most people just consider the advantages pertaining to entertainment. The truth is that, with the help of a double din stereo, you will be able to make your automotive stereo system much more versatile. You can even take a call which ensures that you are able to concentrate on driving at all points in time. In addition to that, you can access multiple entertainment sources, which provide you with a virtually unlimited number of entertainment options.