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Castrol Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil Review


Motor oil is like a gift from above, where it prolongs the life of motorcycles, especially during heavy use. Other motor oils do more harm than good, as they pose as catalysts for the early corrosion of engines, such as crude-based ones. But with the introduction of synthetic varieties like the Castrol Power1 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil, things started to change.

Synthetic base oils have been around for decades, but not all have brought clean and clear solutions to the perennial problem of bad combustion. The Castrol Power1 is a new generation type of oil primarily designed and blended for motorcycles.

This type of oil is commonly used for 4-cycle (or 4-stroke) engines, and only a small quantity is needed per liter of fuel. Discover more of the properties of the Power1 as we discuss here some to widen your knowledge about the oil. This would entail smart decisions when the need arises.

Product Features

1. API SL and JASO MA-2 Approved

The Castrol Power1 meets the standards set by API SL, which is an engine test on current models’ engine design that meets the contemporary emissions standard. The JASO MA-2 standard is a Japanese system of specifications introduced in 2006 for motorcycles with modern engines. This approval simply means that the oil is suited for use in a motorcycle with catalytic converters on its exhaust system. JASO stands for Japanese Automotive Standards Organization.

2. Full Synthetic

Using the latest state-of-the-art technology in formulating and blending full synthetic base engine oils, this product is 100% non-crude. Power1engine lubricant is certified fully synthetic as it is a non-petroleum synthesized compound. This enables the oil to have clear emissions and the cleaning capacity inside the engines’ surfaces, which crude-based motor oils simply cannot do effectively.

3. Shear Stability

Being subjected to mechanical shear or stress, this engine oil has the capability to resist change in viscosity or the capacity to thin out but does not evaporate, which reduces viscosity. This characteristic makes the oil fluid at any given time, whether it is subjected to extreme cold or super-hot temperatures.

4. Maintains Viscosity in Extreme Conditions

Having shear stability, the ability of this oil to maintain its viscosity even in extremely hot and cold temperatures is rare among crude-based engine oils. The Castrol Power1 also has the capacity to decrease its viscosity when subjected to shear stress and then return to its original state (same viscosity) when shear stress is diminished.

5. For 4-cycle Engine

This oil is designed for use for all 4-stroke motorcycles where its makers approved the use of multi-grades. These include those engaged in different types of motorsports and other high-performance uses. Motorcycles fitted with turbochargers and the latest technology motorcycles are the primary target of this innovative synthetic oil.

This synthetic base oil is also suited for motorcycles that have the clutch as an essential part of the gearbox. It is basically befitting where high clutch spilt frequently happens or where stable friction traits are required under extensive load application.

6. Trizone Technology

Using a cutting-edge technique such as the Trizone Technology, Castrol had formulated this full synthetic oil to protect the bike’s 3 of its most critical zones: the engine, gearbox, and clutch. The engine is protected from early corrosion by minimizing the formation of carbon deposits, lacquer, high-temperature varnish, and sludge.

It also enhances clutch slip control and clutch drag brought about by low temperature, making gear switching (gearbox) smooth and easy.

7. Exceeds Requirements of Various Specifications

This product exceeds the requirements set by different standards, such as those of API SJ, SH, SG, SF, and SE, which is why the oil is very suited for use in most Japanese and European motorbikes.


This oil really does the work. The Castrol Power1 10W-40 Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Oil is certified and approved for use in the majority of the world’s motorbikes by various manufacturers. This only proves that synthetic motorcycle oil is better than petroleum-based engine oils.