Best RV Tankless Water Heaters

Best RV Tankless Water Heaters: Enjoy Warm Showers Even While Out Of Home

When you are on the road, it is undeniable that you will be devoid of the luxuries of home, such as a comfortable place to sleep or even an en-suite bathroom where you can have a relaxing shower. Luckily, with technologies these days, you can have a warm bath even in your RV. All that you need is to find the right water heater.

In the rest of this post, we will tackle some of the best RV tankless water heaters that are available in the market today, as well as some of the reasons why they are amongst the best. We will also tackle some of the most important considerations and the types of water heaters that you might want to take into account.

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing the Best RV Tankless Water Heaters

To start your search for a product that can provide the best bang for the buck, below are some of the considerations that will be helpful:

  • Feedbacks: The first thing that you should do is to consult with what other people are saying. Go online and look for discussion forums. Websites like Amazon is also a good place to gather opinions, which will allow you to easily weigh the pros and cons of the possibilities.
  • Power Source: Should you opt for an electric or gas-powered tankless water heater? More of this will be discussed later in this guide. Your choice will have an impact on factors like efficiency, cost, maintenance, and user-friendliness, among others.
  • Accessories: To be provided with excellent value for money, see to it that the manufacturer will already provide everything that you need to complete its assembly, such as the hoses and all the fittings. It will also be good if the unit is already inclusive of a high-quality showerhead.
  • Installation: As you evaluate the possibilities, take note as well of their installation. You must be able to do so in a snap and without the need for a helping hand. They should provide comprehensive instructions so that you will know the detailed steps on how to assemble the tankless water heater.
  • Heat Output: In the case of gas tankless water heaters, this is expressed as BTU or British Thermal Units. The higher the number is, the hotter the water could get within a short span of time, which will be effective of the product’s reliability.
  • Water Output: This is another technical specification that deserves your attention. This is expressed as GPM or gallons per minutes. This corresponds to how much water can flow out of the shower and the unit can heat within a minute.
  • Durability: If you choose top-of-the-line water heater, it can last for more than 20 years without any problem. See to it that it is made from superior materials that can withstand the test of time.
  • Warranty: What will you do if the product breaks unintentionally when it is used? If it is still under the warranty coverage, you can return it to the manufacturer. They will repair the unit and replace the parts that are problematic, at no cost on your end. Nonetheless, be sure to abide with the terms and conditions to be eligible for the warranty.

Top Picks for the Best RV Tankless Water Heaters

If you are clueless on what will make the best choice, in this section, we will have a rundown of five of the options that you might want to consider.

1. EccoTemp L10 Portable Tankless Heater

From installation to operation, this tankless water heater is the perfect choice if you are looking for one that is user-friendly. Given its space-efficient design, this will be an excellent choice for RV camping. It has an innovative ignition system, which will prevent the possibility of overheating and will extend the functional life of its components. To add, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty.

Major Features:

  • 74,500 BTU heating power
  • Temperature can be adjusted from 80 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Has a maximum production capacity of 2.65 gallons per minute
  • Comes with ½ inch National Piper Thread Taper pipe fittings
  • Has manual temperature control


  • Operation and installation can be easily accomplished, even for beginners
  • Rugged construction, which is tantamount to long-term functionality
  • Space saving design, perfect for small RVs
  • Shuts off when not used within twenty minutes


  • The temperature range can be limited for some users
  • May not deliver optimal functionality in areas that are windy

2. Rheem RTGH-95DVLN Tankless Water Heater

This water heater has many nice features and benefits, it is easy to be convinced that the cost can be justified. Equipped with a stainless steel heat exchanger, it is not only durable, but can also be 94% more energy-efficient compared to most of the options that are available in the market today. It also has hot start programming, which improves reliability as this will lessen the possibility of suffering from temperature fluctuations.

Major Features:

  • Self-diagnostic system for effortless troubleshooting
  • Digital display to show accurate temperature
  • Has intelligent electronic controls for ease of use and safety
  • Has an exclusive setting that will allow you to use less water
  • High-altitude capability


  • Installation can be accomplished without professional help
  • Has the option to use either propane or natural gas
  • High energy efficiency rating
  • Can heat up to three showers at a given time
  • Has a digital remote control


  • Can produce a lot of noise when functioning

3. EZ 101 Tankless Water Heater

Value for money – this is one reason why this is a favorite for many RV campers. It can deliver superior water heating capability. It is space-efficient and user-friendly. It has 15 to 100 PSI, which is pretty much more than what you will need for an RV shower. The rated heat output, on the other hand, is 42,000 BTU.

Major Features:

  • Operates using a standard propane tank
  • Saves energy through the automatic ignition feature
  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Showerhead is included
  • Supplies up to 1.6 gallons per minute of water


  • Has battery-powered ignition
  • Comes with several dials for adjustments
  • Weighs only 14 pounds, making it perfect for RV camping
  • Heats water in an instant, minimizing the need to wait


  • Coil can be easily prone to breakage
  • May not be long-lasting

4. Camplux 10L Tankless Water Heater

If you are on the lookout for a user-friendly tankless water heater, this deserves your attention. It can be easily installed, especially given that it has almost anything that you will need, including a high-quality showerhead. It is made from materials that are tough, which is why you can expect that this will work perfectly even in the outdoors.

Major Features:

  • Has an output of 2.64 gallons per minute
  • Shuts down after twenty minutes of being inactive
  • Has a multifunctional showerhead
  • Gas operating pressure is 0.4 PSI
  • Has a maximum heat output of 68,000 BTU per hour


  • Comes with all the accessories that you will need
  • Rugged enough to withstand even outdoor use
  • Uses only a small amount of propane
  • Temperature adjustments can be done in a snap


  • May not efficiently heat water
  • Unit may not last for a long time

5. Aquaking Outdoorsman Tankless Heater

With the portability of this product, there is no doubt that it will be another great choice for a heater that you can use when RV camping. It delivers efficient heating without recovery time, which means that you can expect that there will be a continuous flow of hot water when you are in the shower.

Major Features:

  • Weighs only 10 pounds
  • Has battery-powered ignition, but batteries are not included in the package
  • Comes with pipe thread, as well as the gas and water connections that you will need


  • Installation is easy to accomplish, even on your own
  • Tight fittings will guarantee that there will be no leaking
  • Has excellent water output


  • Not as popular as the other models above
  • There are times that it will turn off all of a sudden

Different Types of Tankless Water Heaters

Especially for first-time buyers, it is pretty much normal to be overwhelmed with the long list of alternatives that are available. To make it easier for you to decide which one to purchase, it is important to be familiar with the different types of tankless water heaters that are available. Among other things, you can differentiate them on the basis of their source of power:

1. Gas Tankless Water Heater

  • It can be powered by either propane or kerosene. Most of the options use propane.
  • The price can easily go more than a thousand dollars, especially if you would like to opt for a model with innovative features.
  • Because of the low price of gas, compared to electricity, this will be cheaper in the long run. 
  • The efficiency of gas heaters can range from 80 to 85%.
  • This will also require more maintenance, especially because combustion can be a significant safety issue.
  • The production of greenhouse gases and the reliance on fossil fuels will make it detrimental to the environment.
  • It requires venting, which will add up to the complication of the installation.

2. Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative, this is cheaper than gas.
  • This is also much easier to install compared to a tankless water heater that is powered by gas.
  • You will need to install a supply of electricity in your RV, which can be a generator or solar panels, among other possibilities.
  • The efficiency of electric heaters can range from 98 to 99%.
  • When it comes to environmental impact, electric tankless water heaters can prove to be the better choice. You do not have to worry about greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental impact is relatively minimal.
  • There is no need for venting

Tips in Using Tankless Water Heater

It is not enough that you invest in a tankless water heater that can deliver superior quality. To enjoy its optimal functionality, below are some tips that you have to keep in mind:

  • Pay attention to regular maintenance of the water heater. Even if there seems to be no problem, once in a couple of months, you should take time to inspect the problem. This will let you identify an issue before it worsens, prolonging the life of the heater. This is also important for safety considerations.
  • Pay attention to the source of water as well. In some instances, you will notice that the water may be dirty or stinky. Your heater will not get rid of the impurities and dirt that are possibly present in water. Make sure that it is clean.
  • When cleaning the tankless water heater, you can use vinegar to flush out the system. Lemon and baking soda will also do the trick. They can be effective in getting rid of the traces of hard minerals that could have been left in the heater. These minerals are remnants from the hard water that you are using.
  • Use only the parts that are provided by the manufacturer. If there are accessories that you have to purchase, see to it that they will satisfy the specifications that will be suitable for the heater that you have.


In sum, the best RV tankless water heaters can deliver an abundance of benefits, which will make RV camping less frustrating. Even if you are in the woods and out of your home, you can have a warm shower. You will feel refreshed and rejuvenated as you bathe in warm water – one thing that you may have previously thought of being impossible.

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