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Give Your Diesel Car the Highest Protection – Use The Best Diesel Additive!

When we imagine a diesel car, we get an image of a large truck puffing out smoke. This perception has been changed from some time as now people lean towards energy efficient cars which make diesel cars increasingly common. Long gone are the days when diesel cars were seen as dirty and noisy ones. Now their performance is just like any gas-powered car with stylish looks.

Diesel engines do put on a load on the engine and emit smoke, for this reason, the government has made it mandatory for diesel engine makers to install a special emission control to filter the smoke and keep the air pollution free.

What is a Diesel Additive?

The features of the diesel can be stabilized by the use of additives which can increase the yield. These additives can be added at different stages by the producer or the consumer which can show massive improvement in the performance of the car. There are many types of additives available, which enhance the performance of the car in a specific way. You can choose any of them depending on your need. The types of additives and their functions are:

1. Fuel Handling Additives

These types of additives specialize in the distribution and handling of fuel in the engine. Their primary function is to get maximum yield from the fuel by variation in its properties for best performance.

  • They maintain the low temperature of the car so it wouldn’t heat up.
  • They increase the flow
  • They reduce the foam formation
  • They are anti-wax in nature
  • They prevent corrosion in the engine
  • They reduce the formation of ice and protect the engine from the variations in the outside temperature.

2. Fuel Stability Additives

The primary function of these additives is to stabilize the characteristics of the fuel and protect it from any external harm.

  • They are anti-oxidising in nature and inhibit anti-corrosion properties
  • They act as dispersants.
  • They also deactivate the metal present in the fuel to enhance the performance.

3. Combustion Additives

  • The efficiency of the car can be highly enhanced with the improvement of the combustion in the engine.
  • Controlling the smoke inhibitors
  • Improving the ignition power
  • Catalysts for better combustion process

These additives can be added to the diesel fuel at three stages. They are:

  • During the Refinery Stage: The fuel refiners ensure that the additives are compatible with the engine. The best results of the additives at the refinery stage are achieved by choice of the oil used; mixing process, blending of the oil, etc. here the process of additization is done at the production stage.
  • During the Fuel Distribution System: Here the additization is done at the distribution stage where the operators of the pipeline insert these additives. This is practiced in many countries to improve the cost efficiencies and to control the corrosion at the distribution stage so that it doesn’t go any further.
  • During the Final Stage or the End User: These are also known as the aftermath additives as the customers use them at the final stage of the consumption. These additives can be customized varying on the needs of the specific individual such as it can be used to save the engine from the cold climate; they also act as detergents, lubricants to enhance the performance of the fuel. There are many varieties of aftermath additives available, which are of high quality and have shown best results.

Top 5 Best Diesel Additive 2017 Market​

To help you choose the best diesel additive we have reviewed top 5 of such products to make your decision process a little easy.

1. Hot Shot’s Secret

The new and improved formula of the hot shot’s secret cleans all the components of the engine to give you the best performance. It also acts as a lubricant, which avoids friction to make your engine run smoother than before. It reduces wear and is highly durable.

Major Features

  • Model-HSS64Z
  • Extra power and mileage
  • Keeps oil pressure intact
  • Provides warranty


  • Reduces contamination
  • Compatible with maximum kinds of trucks and cars
  • Cost control
  • Fuel efficient
  • Prevents sludge
  • Noise free


  • Emission of black smoke
  • Doesn’t eliminate stiction
  • Less powered turbo boost

2. Hammonds Diesel Treatment

It helps to prevent clogging by filtering out all the deposits. It sterilizes the fuel completely and also adds the improved lubrication for a smoother run. The durability of the engine enhances and provides better fuel efficiency and mileage.

Major Features

  • Model-HB-01US
  • Certifies by the U.S coast guard
  • It lowers the sulfur levels
  • Eligible for warranty of parts


  • Prevents microbial growth
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Effective cleaning of the fuel system
  • More durable


  • Not a substitute for a filter

3. Hot shot’s secret P040464Z diesel extreme clean and boost

It contains a cetane improver which raises the cetane level and increases performance. It acts as a great fuel stabilizer and filters out impurities which make it a less maintenance product. It also treats 150 gallons of fuel which prove it has a less treat rate.

Important Features

  • Model-P040464Z
  • High lubrication
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • Warranty and support


  • Elimination of water from the system
  • Increases cetane level
  • Sterilizes the tank
  • Improved fuel mileage


  • Noisy
  • Less fuel efficient

4. Rev-x DIS1601 Distance

This is a high-quality additive which boosts the fuel performance at its optimum level. It reduces the emission of smoke and provides protection in all weather conditions. It also acts as a fuel stabilizer and increases the fuel storage to give you extra mileage.

Salient Features

  • Model-DIS1601
  • Provides warranty and support
  • One bottle can treat 800 gallons of fuel


  • Increases the cetane level by 6 points
  • Reduces wear
  • Improved lubrication
  • Protection from rusting process


  • Not cost efficient
  • Less durable

5. FPPF Killem Biocide Diesel Treatment

This additive is a type of a diesel biocide which doesn’t allow any formation of any microbial growth by eliminating the water from the fuel. The presence of water aids in the formation of algae, bacteria, and fungi which can cause decreased performance and presence of rust. This biocide sterilizes the fuel and removes all the impurities for the best performance.

Key Features

  • Model- 00119
  • One bottle can treat 1920 gallons of diesel fuel
  • Reduces Corrosion


  • Eliminates all the contamination
  • Can be easily dissolved in fuel
  • Controls bacteria and fungi


  • Tight cap may occur

How Do They Work?

They serve as a catalyst to an engine to suppress the negative impact of diesel by cleaning and lubrication to enhance the performance. They are added to the fuel to the engine directly. After adding the additive, make sure to top up the tank as to avoid any additive getting stuck in the fillers.

Filling up the tank will ensure that the additive washes down to the tank completely. So the amount of fuel in the tank doesn't matter as after adding the additive filling the tank becomes essential. They immediately mix with the fuel and start to carry out their functions. The properties of the additives are such that they don't allow the particles of the fuel to stick together and give extra power to the vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Using a Diesel Additive?

Diesel additives have proved to be a blessing for a diesel car owner and choosing the right, and the best diesel additive is very important. To understand this, we need to know its major benefits. They are:

  • Improved Lubrication: The additives increase the lubrication in the fuel which in term enhances its longevity and also makes the car run smoothly. It increases the fuel efficiency and also makes it last for a longer period. It adds a higher lubricating value by distributing the compounds into the diesel fuel.
  • Fuel Cleaner: Many additives act as a detergent and clean the entire fuel system of any impurities present. This prevents clogging in the system and acts as a filter to the fuel. Always replace your filters on a regular basis, and you can add these additives to help you go the extra mile.
  • Fuel Stabiliser: They stabilize the fuel system by preventing the growth of algae or any other kind of contamination. They also prevent the formation of sludge in the fuel which is avoiding sticking of particles to provide high-end performance.
  • Improves the Cetane Level: It increases the cetane level which increases the fuel efficiency and also controls the cost. This can result in high-performance gains and extra power. Higher cetane level will prove shorter ignition delay periods and less fuel consumption.
  • Weather Protection: The inhibitors in the additives help in controlling the temperature of the engine and also protect it from the changing external temperature. Many additives have several properties to help in de-icing of the engine and stabilize the fuel system.
  • Separation of Water from Fuel: Mixing of water with fuel is the most common problem faced by every car owner and can prove to be quite a hassle if not treated in time. The diesel additives help in separation of the two and also prevent any further mixing by getting rid of the water.
  • Extra Power: Many additives help in creating extra power and efficiency which will ensure that the engine burns the fuel in the most efficient way possible. This will result in added power to the piston with every stroke. This will make your vehicle to run smoother as never before.
  • Anti-Oxidising Properties: Many car owners face the problem of rust in their engines. By adding additives in the diesel, the flow of oxygen into the fuel is restricted which prevents corrosion.

How to Choose the Best Diesel Additive for Yourself?

Choosing the right and the best diesel additive is the most important step. You need to figure out your specific need and conduct a careful research to prevent any adverse effects on the engine. You can choose the best diesel by the following steps:

1. Maximum optimization of needs

There are many varieties of diesel additives available which cater to different needs and use. You should select that kind of additive, which covers all your needs so that you won’t need to buy many additives. Finding a fuel stabilizer additive would be a good option which will help in the anti-oxidation process, avoid sludge by separating the particles so that they don’t stick together, the presence of metal deactivators so that they don’t cause a chain reaction, etc.

2. Economical rate

You should select the kind of additive, which doesn’t cut deep into your pockets by calculating the monetary value of the fuel and comparing it with that of the additive. You need to remember that lowering the treat rate of the additive means it will treat more gallons of fuel. A higher rate means less fuel treated. So you need to keep this ratio in mind and select the additive with a less treat rate.

3. Environment friendly

Diesel vehicles are a little harmful as compared to alternative fuel vehicles, so you can go green by purchasing a diesel additive, which is eco-friendly and will go easy on the environment. These additives can reduce the carbon emissions by your diesel vehicle. So, look for the green mark on the additive to help prevent any further harm to the Mother Nature.

4. Avoid active ingredients

There are chemicals in the additives, which are same as used by the refinery. Try to avoid these ingredients as it will make your engine to run smoother but will also permanently damage the injector tips. Ingredients such ancho and alcohol damage the gaskets and have proven to be very less durable.

According to the customer feedback and our product review, the best diesel additive is Hammond's diesel treatment for a smart buy. The reason behind this is its multi-functioning property of sterilizing the fuel and also improving lubrication. Very fewer fuel additives can provide this quality, and it has shown to give best results.

It is cost efficient, so it doesn’t cut deep into your pockets and ensures high performance with extra mileage. It covers all your needs and doesn’t possess any active ingredients. We highly recommend this product for you to reap the benefits of extra power and mileage with an affordable cost.