Best Car Detailing Gel

Best Car Detailing Gel / Putty

Our cars can get dusty so quickly. Sometimes, I like to use a wet wipe to clean off all the dust and residue that has accumulated on various parts of the dashboard. Detailing putty can help get to places that rags and paper towels can’t.

The best Gels and Putties for cleaning are those that are easy to use and get into areas that are hard to reach without applying a lot of pressure. They should also stay together well and not fall apart while in use. They should have a good container to seal them in to keep them clean and prevent drying.  

I have used putty for cleaning my keyboard and on a car a couple of times. The nice thing about it is that it can last for fairly long periods if kept sealed in its container. You can reuse it over and over, making it a useful tool in your car cleaning kit.

Are All Gels the Same?

Not all Gels are the same, but they are similar. Most of the products sold on for car detailing gel are products that have the same base materials, such as guar gum, water, ethanol, and glycerol. The differences are in the color, smell, and sometimes other additional ingredients, such as bactericide and aloe. 

Most people have a good experience with these products. When looking at the reviews, try to find ones that answer the specific questions you have. 

To find out which is best for you, use the chart below to think about the pros and cons of each type of gel. The quality of each product may differ a bit, but some of that may be subjective because each person has different preferences for color, smell, and firmness. 

One product showed a Prop 65 warning on it, so if that’s a concern, look at all the details first.

Here are some things to look for when buying detailing gel containers and packets.

Gel Name and size

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Description & Differentiation




5.6 ounces

Lavender fragrance car cleaning gel.
“Cleaning gel for car is perfect for cleaning the nooks and crannies in your auto.”

Yes. Says “biodegradable.”



2 x 5.6 ounces

Apple or Lemon fragrance cleaning gel.

Has Aloe Vera and has good flexibility without breaking apart.

Yes. Says “biodegradable.”

Yes. Two packs

for more use



5.6 ounces

Lemon fragrance cleaning gel.

“…simple and convenient cleaning kits for PC/laptop keyboard, car dashboard …”

Yes. Says “biodegradable.”Yes

Is a Container or Packet Better for Detailing?

Although most sellers use the same container for the gel, the contents are distinguishable from each other. You can choose from a container with a lid or a packet-styled container.

If I were buying gel for my car, I would either buy the packets to avoid getting an entire container of gel dirty or possibly divide the gel in the container into smaller portions and place them in an extra sealed container.

The best way to get the most out of your product is to practice with a smaller portion of the gel on an area to see what the results are. As you practice, you can see what the best method to use is.

Some containers are just the right amount for cleaning the car, while others might work better with a small amount in some situations. See the video for an example.

You may decide that using a wet wipe or cleaning spray and cloth is needed if grease or grime has accumulated before using the gel to pick up dust and particles.

Which type of product would you choose?



  • It can cover a large area and will last longer before it starts to get dirty. 
  • The screw top cover will help the gel stay clean and fresh for the next time it is used.
  • You can keep this in your car, but keep in mind that the container should be kept in a cool, dry place. The product may expire after two years.
  • Good for cleaning one item or vehicle. Because of cross-contamination, you may not want to use it on two items, such as your keyboard and car.
  • Covers a smaller area and may not last as long before it gets dirty.
  • Some of the packets sold are resealable, so you might want to check before you buy or consider using a sealable sandwich bag.
  • Convenient to keep in the car. Although it might help to store in cool, dry areas as some expire after two years. 
  • Good for cleaning multiple areas. Use one in the car and one in the office. You don’t want grease from the car to get on your keyboard.

What Cleaning Characteristics are you Looking for?

A cleaning gel should be firm but not hard. It shouldn’t be too wet, either. You want the gel to be able to penetrate crevices and then pull away all in one piece. Most gels will do a good job with this, but reading reviews can help you find a brand that has good consistent results. 

Some gels tell you to lay the gel on the surface of the area to be clean without pushing. Then wait until it flows into the crevices for about 10 seconds. Then you slowly pull away the gel in one piece. This should work well when trying to pick up particles and dust from your car. 

 These gels can’t clean sticky spilled drinks and stuck on particles. After using the gel, you’d need to go over the area with a car cleaning spray. 

Sometimes using a detailing brush might be easier than a gel, but a gel is very thorough and doesn’t redistribute the dust to other areas in the car. 

Which Cleaning Gel to Choose?


A cleaning gel will likely have the same characteristics as most other cleaning gels. So you’ll need to consider other factors to decide which is the best gel. I would choose the one with the right reviews, the ingredients I prefer, and the price and quantity I need. 

When you consider buying a gel with few reviews, you may get something good, but if the price is low and there aren’t any reviews, you may not get what you thought you were going to get. Try to play it safe by getting a gel that has enough reviews that seem reliable.

If you have specific preferences about what ingredients you need and want, try to shop around for the type that will best suit your needs. A lot of the gels are lemon-scented, so they smell clean, but you may prefer something different.

If you are wondering how much you should get, a safe bet would be to choose packets to test it out. You can then give away the packets of gel that you didn’t use if you find that you really like cleaning another way.

While on the other hand, you might want a two-pack of gel to help you clean two cars or various other objects. Here are the three top picks that I would choose when considering buying an automotive cleaning gel. 

Pick #1



I would choose the one that has pictures in the reviews and a variety of mostly positive and some negative reviews on the product. No negative review could be an issue because no product is perfect.

  • Pictures
  • Positive Reviews
  • More Review is usually safer.

Pick #2



I would choose the fragrance, colors, and ingredients that I felt were my preference.

  • Pleasant Fragrance
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Color Preference

Pick #3


Quantity and Accessories

I would choose a type that meets my needs from price, quantity, and maybe if it included accessories that were helpful.

  • 5 pack
  • A competitive price
  • Nice container

Who Needs The Best Cleaning Gel?

The best cleaning gel or putty is sometimes subjective since so many of them are made of the same base materials. They are a good practical way to solve the problem of a dirty car for those who are looking for a quick way to do some cleaning without taking a lot of time and not needing a long deep cleaning process.

If you want to clean your car quickly, you’re probably going to want to get some wipes, a vinyl spray, and a microfiber towel. You can wipe down areas quickly and be done in a few minutes.

If you want to clean your car with cleaning gel, you’re probably going to get into a lot more cracks and crevices to clean a little deeper. This will take a bit more time but will leave your car looking a bit cleaner and newer looking. 

If you want to deep clean your car with detailing tools, your probably going to want a variety of products that will help you get all of the areas of your car as clean and new looking as possible. This will take some time but will give you the best result for a deep clean. 

Someone who benefits from cleaning gel will benefit in the following ways. Here is a list of why you might want to use cleaning gel versus doing a deep cleaning or a quick cleaning of your car. 

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Quick CleaningGel CleaningDeep Cleaning
Fast but may miss areas that are hard to reach with a cloth and spray.The average amount of time used to clean areas in more detail. 
Can pick up grease and particles that might smear or scratch and get them safely away.
Good for a medium clean. Can be used in conjunction with other products for a quicker or deeper clean.
Good for a medium clean. Can be used in conjunction with other products for a quicker or deeper clean.Cleaning gel, brushes, cloths, and other cleaning products will take a long time to use, but your car will look great.

One other product you might think about buying when it comes to cleaning your car is therapy putty. This type of product is firmer and will likely stick more than a gel. 


If you are planning on buying therapy putty to strengthen your hand or help you recover, you can also use the softest putty for some cleaning. 

Be cautious if you do use it, as pushing on fragile components too hard will make the putty stick or possibly break delicate pieces. 

vent broke
Pushed in Vent

But if you are going to be using the putty anyways, why not see if it will help you clean your car a bit when needed? The putty can also be a stress reliever for some, as they squeeze hard to get their frustrations out. 

The hand exercising putty can be helpful for many people trying to “increase flexibility, improve strength, decrease stiffness, and relieve joint pain.” So, it might be something helpful for those looking for a dual-purpose product. 


The best cleaning gel for detailing your car will be the tried and tested gels that meet your personal preferences. With a cleaning gel, you can get a nice, clean car dashboard in a fairly short amount of time. Make sure to follow the instructions to get the best results. 

Buying a reusable gel is helpful for cleaning hard-to-reach areas and for picking up particles in tight areas. It is a useful tool, along with other car cleaning products, so you can help keep your car looking its best.

Whether you’re looking for a specific color, fragrance, or package type, cleaning gel is sure to be something that most people will find helpful.