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How To Solve 2000 Dodge Dakota Transmission Problems?

The Dodge Dakota is also known as Ram Dakota, which is a mid-sized pickup track. The Dakota was nominated for the North American truck in the year 2000. The Dakota’s transmission is fixed with an optional V8 engine. The most notable feature in Dakota is Dakota’s pinion steering. The following will let you know about the transmission and its predicaments.

A transmission is a machine that produces the leveled progress of the power to the vehicle. It can also be termed as a gearbox for speed and torque. When you see this Dakota, you can observe a lot of problems that are found in the transmission alone, and they are as follows:

  1. The gear transmission is not shifted
  2. Grinding noise is found while driving the vehicle
  3. ​A sudden jump from the neutral gear to the first gear
  4. Overheating occurs while the journey is progressed

Solving the Hurdles

Solutions that you can apply to solve these transmission snags in Dodge Dakota include:

1. Transmission Does Not Shift Correctly

2000 Dodge Dakota Transmission Problem
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When we are driving, we do face a lot of problems, which will be in shifting the gear, and it is hard to shift the gear. These problems are seen because of the solenoid, which fails to work. The solenoid is a fancy electrical magnet that is attached to a spring-loaded plunger.

When this solenoid fails to work automatically, there is a problem with the correction to the spring-loaded plunger. This is the reason we find it difficult while shift the gears. Here are some simple ways through which we can correct the solenoids.

Using the ohm’s meter, we can test the solenoid, and some corrections can be made to avoid the hardness in gear transmission. Connect the two leads from the ohm’s meter to the two leads which are coming out from the solenoid which you are about to test.

A working solenoid in good condition will read the meter between 20-30 ohms. When you can’t find the mentioned reading in the respective meter, or you can see the reading as either low or high, then there is certainly trouble in your solenoids.

The better way to get rid of that problem is to change the solenoid. If the problem is seen again and again, then it should be sent to the service center.

Another option is to see if adjusting the bands and changing the automatic transmission fluid to see if solves your shifting problem. Old or contaminated transmission fluid can be the cause of shifting and other problems. (See Video for instructions) 

2. The Grinding Noise Found while Driving

2000 Dodge Dakota Transmission Problem
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While driving the Dodge Dakota for about 40kmph, as we steer it towards the right, some grinding noise is heard in the vehicle. Then again, when it is steered towards the left, the noise is not heard. Such kind of problems is seen in the 2000 Dodge Dakota and its later series.

Here we can see some measures to arrest the grinding noise. It depends on the miles we travel and the service due to the vehicle. If it is not checked, the t-case, which is the transfer case, shall be disturbed. Check the fluid level within the hole.

In case the miles you covered are short, then move to the transfer case, which is found right behind the transmission under your seat. There you will find two plugs, one at the bottom and the other 6 inches higher than the bottom.

The bottom drains out the oil, and the top fills the oil. Let the two plugs be unplugged, and check the magnets of the draining plug as well as the oil that comes out of it. If you can see any metal shavings in it, then certainly your vehicle has to be taken under a professional scan.

Sometimes it is also caused by ​a bad shaft, which must be tightened, or the problem is repeated, then it must be replaced.

Here’s another video with another problem that can occur and cause a grinding noise. A broken clamp can allow the drive shaft to move around and cause this issue. (See video for information)

3. A Sudden Jump from the Neutral to the First Gear


Another problem is also seen in the transmission, which is the sudden jump from neutral to first gear. These are seen in the 45Rfe-type vehicles. The main cause for such kind of problem is the filter cracking problem in the motor. It is normally because of the ill position of the transmission.

These problems may lead the transmission to suck in the air sporadically, and then at one particular point in time, it loses the oil pressure, and sudden jumps and skips occur. Mostly we may not know the problem, but it is gradually seen.

The perfect solution to solve such kind of a problem is to have a routine checkup with the filters, which are the main filter and the line filter. Many people only see the main filter leaving the line filter, but the problem can also be detected in the line filter. 

It is better to check both filters to reduce the skip or the jump of the gear problem. Even if this is still repeated, then surely you should take it to your attention and make a note to the automobile service station for a complete diagnosis.

Here’s an informative website that talks about various transmission problems for the Dodge Dakota, including issues with transmission filters. See the video for changing the filter.

4. Overheating occurs while the Journey is Progressed


The automatic transmission is designed in such a manner that it should be maintained at an ideal temperature of 200 degrees. Suppose there is a rise in the temperature; the transmission slowly gets destroyed.

When the transmission overheats, it may also cause the organic transmission fluid to break down parts of the vehicle. When the fluid loses its ability to lubricate, the moving parts which go inside the transmission get spoiled.

To avoid overheating, we can use the following ideas. Always make sure that your transmission is at the right temperature by checking your cooling system. You should make sure that there is also proper circulation of air and that nothing is blocking the cooling system fan or airflow into the engine compartment.

A good flow of air can help prevent overheating and prevent an engine or transmission breakdown. This video shows how to fill your engine coolant system so you can avoid overheating. 


As we thought, Dodge Dakota holds several drawbacks because it was built and founded in the early 2000s. There are several ways to avoid this, and they could be rectified. Thus utilize the automobile in a well-conditioned manner.

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