How To Prevent Voltage And Shock Problems In Your RV?

How to prevent voltage and shock problems in your RV

Having an RV (Recreational Vehicle) is not less than a luxury. People in various parts of the world call it by different names such as Caravan, Motorhome, etc. To make it understood in simple words, we may call it as a vast and spacious van with all facilities and amenities that we have at home. These facilities include kitchen, washroom/bathroom, rest area, space to sleep, etc. These RVs are available in the single deck and double-deck options.

So, if you have an RV, then you must be well aware of all the efforts and cost it takes to maintain a huge vehicle like this. However, if you do take care of your RV on a regular basis and get it serviced within advisable time intervals, then you may save on both the efforts and cost required to maintain your motorhome.

Since it is a large machine, there is a lot of stuff and complicated mechanism involved to make it work properly. You need not go into those much technical details as a user. However, you should have preliminary knowledge of some important parts and machinery used in RVs. As we talk about basic and important machinery, the electricity management system tops the list.

Electrical Problems in RV

It is the most integral system of any RV as without a proper supply of electricity most of its function won’t work properly. Just as we need to perform various functions at home, same is the case with RV. After all, it is a motorhome (as some people may call it).

So, here in this guide, we would talk about how to secure our electricity supply system from sudden voltage surge or drop. As an RV owner, it is really important that you must know how to prevent voltage and shock problems in RV. Sudden voltage surge or drop in voltage is one of the many electrical problems that are experienced by RV owners.

Electrical Problems in RV

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Voltage Surge Problems

One of the electrical problems apart from voltage surge is current leakage or hot-skin conditions. In this situation, current starts flowing in chassis on RV and any touching the metallic portions of RV body, such as tire rims, experiences a mild or moderate shock.

If you are an RV owner, you must know that there could be several reasons that cause such problems in your motorhome. Few of the reasons are damaged wiring or misfired systems, damaged receptacles, plugging into 240V AC or insufficient grid capacity, etc.

Since Voltage surge/drop problems are very common and may cause serious damage to electric appliances in RV; therefore, you should know about its prevention. There is an entirely dedicated industry that manufactures various products that are capable of handling such power surges.

These days, due to intensive research in this field, there are so many products that not only protect your RV from Voltage surges but also do a lot more to protect the electric system of your RV. Let us talk about these products in detail. These products are available in two configurations:

  • Portable
  • Hardwired
Voltage Surge Problems

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As you know, these products offer various other facilities such as automatic reset feature. This helps the unit to reset to original state once the power is restored automatically.

Portable units are very useful, and they prove to be the best equipment for RV toolbox. These portable units are meant to be plugged in at the pedestal (or power source of RV). These units start giving warning signals if they detect any defects or anomalies in the electrical system. These portable units start functioning even before RV is connected to any protective device.

This helps to fix any fault, if it exists, before connecting RV to protective device. Now, since these are portable units, they do not require installation. They can plug in when in use and then you can unplug them and keep them in the toolbox. On the other hand, this feature also makes these units more prone to theft, so one needs to be very careful while using these units.

Hardwired units, on the other hand, are installed (mounted) permanently to your RV. They start working as soon as the RV is plugged in. Since these units are permanently attached to RV, they are protected from theft and weather. However, it is really hard to repair or replace them as compared to portable units.

These power surge protection devices are not used in conjunction with any other device. They are available in two models viz. 50-amp and 30-amp. You should choose the model based on amperage level that is suitable for your RV.

Problems associated with Surge Protection Devices

These surge protection devices not only provide surge protection but are also useful in preventing your RV from various other problems, such as:

Problems associated with Surge Protection Devices

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  • Open ground
  • Reverse polarity
  • Accidental connection to 240V AC supply
  • Open neutral

These devices have two modes of mechanism - Detection and protection. The devices that are meant for detection only detect the problem and cannot protect the system by interrupting power supply. However, the device that provides protection interrupts the power supply as soon as the problem is detected.

Certain Protection Tools

Some protection devices require manual input to resume the power, and some of them perform this operation automatically.

If you are going to portable devices, you should ensure various features like:

  • Automatic Reset
  • Easy-pull handles
  • Guards and covers to protect from weather
  • Locking brackets to protect from theft

These protection devices come with different Joule rating. The protection device with higher joule rating will absorb more energy during a power surge.

You must also use the best RV humidifier, to maintain the moisture level in your RV. Excessive moisture level results in the formation of water droplets on walls and various parts of RV, and it may cause current leakage or short circuit.

Excessive moisture may also lead to the growth of molds, mildew and dust mites. These organisms may deteriorate the interiors of your RV. In some cases, they also damage the electrical wiring, and this can cause a short circuit or even severe incidents.

By taking proper care and using adequate protecting devices, we can prevent the electrical system of RV from getting damaged. There are several devices available that protect RV from sudden voltage surge or drop. These protection devices are available in portable and hard-wired variants. These both variants are equally effective in preventing the damages by a power surge. You can choose among these based on your utility.

Use of RV Humidifier also helps in maintaining proper moisture levels and prevents any damage to the electrical system of RV. Hope you find the above-mentioned tips relevant and useful, do comment if you have any query.