A Detailed List Of Best And Worst Cars In The World

With the increasing competition in the automobile industry, there is a high pressure on the companies to manufacture cars which have unique and enhanced features incorporated in them. Some of them become a hit in the market; some perform average while some get flopped and their design fails. To become the best car, many features are to be included in the car which can help the car to deserve the title of the “The Best Car”.

In spite of including every possible feature a car can incorporate while manufacturing the design, some cars fail to meet the expectations. Because of the failure they have to face in the market, they reserve a place in the list of worst cars in the world for themselves. In the below blog, you will read a detailed note on such best and worst cars in the world. This might help you to take decisions which car to buy and which not if you are planning for one.

In the race of becoming the world’s best car, the innovation and research have increased massively in the field of automobiles. If a car is included in the list of the best cars, then its sale automatically rises as it becomes the first preference of people. And those included in the list of worst cars, their sales gradually start to decrease, and there are chances that its production too might discontinue. There are chances that the current users of the car too may sell them after being dissatisfied with the same.


A detailed list of few best cars in the world is clarified below. This will give you an idea which prospective cars you should choose to buy and which might suit you best for your needs and requirements.

1. Volkswagen Golf GTE

Volkswagen Golf GTE

Photo Credit: http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/133817-volkswagen-golf-gte-first-drive-hotting-up-the-hybrid

The amalgamation of 148bhp petrol engine which is turbocharged and a 100bhp electric motor which drives the ordinary Volkswagen Golf GTE, which results in a machine which can not only speed at approximately 80mph on battery power only but also can tackle longer expeditions and more drives easily. If you glue to the Golf GTE’s 'E'-Mode' then you can happily move around the streets of the city for around 30 miles without the use of much petrol, but as soon as you depress the 'GTE' button the petrol engine starts working again, the steering wheel sharpens and amazing ride waits for you.

Golf GTE can also be operated as a generator to charge the lithium-ion battery set in the car. An extraordinary mode called dubbed 'Battery Hold,' smartly preserves the charge of the battery sets while the journey and it too works as a reminder for the driver if he needs to get the fuel refilled.

2. BMW i8

BMW i8

Photo Credit: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/01/15/bmw-i8-wait-but-why/

Amazing sound quality is an important feature for a supercar. The sports mode changes the digital dials and alters the same from a thoughtful blue into hellfire red, and the petrol engine is started. Changing all the way through the automatic engine’s six speeds with the help of using the wheel build up with paddles brings about a terrifying bassy break while shifting through the speed, and the engine wails as if it has got the minimum three more cylinders to multiply the speed.

The eminent 8.8-inch screen is influenced as it fixed in all of BMW’s posher car models which have a wheel control in the place of touch, and it is equipped to show navigation along with the 3D graphics which shows buildings accompanied with some information. You can listen to DAB digital radio, or you can even connect your smartphone to listen to music of your own choice. The interior technology and quality of I8 cannot be matched or competed by any other car in the market.

3. Tesla Model S

 Tesla Model S

Photo Credit: http://www.plugincars.com/tesla-model-s

Tesla Model S is furtive. Even if you ride the car at extremely high speed on an empty road, no one will hear the roar of the car. Only a small sound can be heard. The Tesla also checks the body spins in the bends as opposing the Germanic urge to hit the spine while the car jumps on the bumps. No other car provides 17-inch in-dash touch screen making it a unique feature in the Tesla. The interior too is extremely impressive and well designed. The second screen is located behind the steering wheel is. It gives the driver the control over navigation, heating, and music. The driver can sync his phone with the operator and manage the radio and other operations too. Just by swiping down the finger, it is possible to open the vast sunroof.

There is a camera in the place of a rearview mirror which provides the clear image of the activities happening behind. You can also organize the same on the Google map. Now and then updates are made for the screen and with every update, you can find a new updated button. The battery set incorporated in teals is also exceptionally strong and powerful. The speed offered by the car is amazing and breathtaking. The car is very stylish and classy.

4. Volvo XC90 T8

It is most importantly designed so that huge families can move and travel from one place to another. An external careful alteration takes account of Thor's Hammer' daytime which has lights fixed in the front section, sharper edge and also a newly designed badge for the front frame. XC90 T8 has a new and wonderful touch-screen infotainment structure which is located in the middle of the dashboard.

Generally, people are attracted more to its ability to offer petrol and diesel at necessary requirements. The 2.0-litre petrol engine can also be found in the T6 model which also amalgamates a strong electric motor to generate a remarkable run in no time. You can easily drive the car for round about 20 miles on battery power itself without paying the road tax. The interior is stylishly designed and highly comfortable because of the leather used and also the deep carpets add more to the lavish area. There is also an infotainment system which has come in the place of old and weary buttons. This system has a 12.3-inch touch screen. This Sensus system is steered just like an Ipad so that you can touch, swipe or stroke in order to read the menus.

The interior style and technology are highly impressive than most of the cars. It looks not only great but also rides wonderfully. It can even tackle the twisted roads with ease. It has amazing features like boosting pedestrian, cyclist recognition technology, and much more such features make it safe brings it closer to fully automatic car.

5. Mercedes-AMG GT


Two versions of AMG GT are available which can be ordered. The 'standard' AMG GT that contains 456bhp generated from the completely new and advanced twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre which has the V8 engine. This is the vicious GT S version that takes the power up to almost 503bhp. It is pointless to talk regarding an AMG vehicle which does not have touching on the loud woof which usually originates from the back pipes. Even when high acceleration is given or when the sports exhaust key is pressed, the noise that is made is just exceptional.

An 8.4-inch middle screen which has the command system of the German marquee has the infotainment package accompanied with all other features generally expected to be there in a modern car. The online functionality permits the occupants to check Facebook or obtain live information regarding traffic or use Google Maps and few more things. The command system also enables the feature of Bluetooth phone tethering. Many safety features can be appended to the system like reversing camera; lane keeps assist and much more. The cabin of the car is very relaxing and spacious. It beats most of the cars in the market not only by his looks but also by the features it incorporates in it which makes it the best car.

6. Range Rover Sport SVR


It is one of the most powerful range rover ever created. It has a 542bhp supercharged V8 engine up front. The Sport’s machine face end has been specified with the wide jaws of a lunatic, with extremely puffed-up intakes and also the black bumper handling. At the back of the car, there are four pipes sticking to latest rear diffuser 22-inch alloys is the diameter of the huge wheels fixed to the car. The car seats are highly comfortable.

The power and speed of the car are unmatchable by other cars at times. The Range Rover Sports SVR is a superb thing to ride on. It not only gives pleasure and comfort but also is wonderful to ride.


A detailed list of few worst cars in the world is explained below that may help you to take a proper decision regarding which car to purchase and which you should avoid because it might only result in dissatisfaction.

1. Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage

Photo Credit: http://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/mitsubishi/mirage

Although the car is price convenient as well as its overall economic fuel economy is 37 mpg which creates an attractive image of the car in the market, it is a failure. But the size of the car is too tiny which adds to its drawbacks. Few promises are made by the company to enhance and update the car by featuring more power, more enhanced and upgraded brakes, android auto and a powerful improved handling. Even if these features are added to it, still it will not be able to hide the poor, quivering engine that has three cylinders installed in the car which gives lethargic speeding up.

Moreover, the cabin too is very boring and unpleasant. It makes the driver feel insubstantial and uncomfortable while driving or sitting inside the car. In addition to this, the car performed poorly in the crash test conducted by the IIHS i.e. Institute of Highway Safety. If worst subcompact is seen in any car, then it is Mitsubishi Mirage.

2. Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

Photo Credit: http://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/fiat/500l

Among the survey conducted of about 7, 40,000 vehicles, Fiat 500L has the worst dependability than all the other new cars. This Italian production has many flaws and lacks at many places. It cleared the test with miserable scores all because of its inflexible journey, inappropriate seats, and improper driving seat arrangements. Many owners have complained regarding its inefficiency and flaws and have the state that they wish they had not purchased the car.

Most of them have only faced dissatisfaction. They have rated the car either average or below average. It also scored poorly in the small-overlap check conducted by Institute of Highway Safety. Fiat 500L has the worst compact than any other car in the automobile industry.

3. Chrysler 200

Chrysler 200

Photo Credit: http://www.cnet.com/roadshow/auto/2015-chrysler-200-sedan/

The handling of Chrysler 200 is not only awkward but is also uncomfortable. The ride too is uneven and disturbing as well as the motor engine consisting four cylinders is not whelming. The rear seat of the car is very tight because of which anyone who sits on it feels claustrophobic.

The reliability that the car offers is not up to the mark and the transmission too is not cooperative. The car has the lowest score regarding the tests conducted which makes it totally a flop model to be used. Sedans come in all size, but Chrysler 200 is the most inefficient middle sized sedan car.

4. Mercedes-Benz CLA250

Usually, sedans provide a great driving experience but sadly the same does not hold true with Mercedes-Benz CLA250. The transmission and the motor engine do not have the required class and smoothness. Sometimes the power train is also not responsive. The ride supplied by the car is not comfortable and is inflexible. Cabin admittance is tough, and when once you enter inside it, the inner structure is very loud and restricting.

The reliability and the satisfaction that the owner should really get after driving the car are below average and disappointing. The buyers require spending a lot of money to have the magnificent features, but it is all just not worth. Usually, luxury cars are all that provides high comfort level, but the same is not in the case of Mercedes-Benz CLA250. It is the worst compact luxury car in the industry.

5. Lincoln MKS


This huge sedan is not only outdated but is also out of class. Because of its gigantic dimension, the cabinet looks like a cave, overstated because of the limited visibility of the outside view from the car. A luxury car is well known for the ride and comfort it offers but nothing as such can be felt while riding Lincoln MKS.

Even the base of the car which has V6 motor engine is devoid of refinement. This sedan fails to provide the required luxurious feeling that anyone expects while riding a lavish sedan. It is one of those middle sized sedan cars which proved to be a complete failure.

6. SUV: The Dodge Journey

When discussed, the Journey sounded convincing. But it did prove the same when tests were conducted. In the conducted tests, it was found out that the SUV has an imprisoning interior, and it also is devoid of agility. The poorest and most inefficient fuel economy in this class is offered by V6.

In addition to it, V6 experiences lower than average reliability the scores of the car achieved after performing IIHS crash test is also highly poor and disappointing. Because of all these negative points, the V6 proves to be a failure in the market which fails to satisfy the expectations of the drivers. SUV is mostly made for families to travel together but Dodge Journey is the worst family SUV ever manufactured.

7. Land Rover Discovery Sport


Everyone expects highly from Land Rovers, but it has failed everyone’s expectations in this model of it. The car struggles to keep up its place in the market because of the strong small SUV’s existing. The Power release from the turbo cylinders is sharp, either with less or high acceleration and the diffusion is not even or approachable.

The ride is rough, and the handling too is difficult. As compared to the luxury it should provide, the interiors and cabin are extremely plain. The reliability offered by the car is very low. Land Rover Discovery Sport is the worst compact luxury cars from all other cars that are in its competition.

8. Cadillac Escalade


The Cadillac Escalade fails on the basics that a luxury car provides. It rides very roughly and is unable to stop, and it becomes difficult to handle it with the elegance of its gaze. The Escalade just failed in the tests conducted by IIHS. In spite of casting a huge shadow, the car does not have sufficient space within.

The seats in the second line are not highly relaxed, and the third line seats are restricted. The dependability of the car is below average which gives it a position in the list of the worst cars in the world. Normally if an SUV is large, then one believes that the car has to be comfortable and highly spacious, but Cadillac Escalade proves this wrong. It is a poor large luxury SUV in the industry.

9. Chrysler Town & Country

In spite of having few key and important points in the favor of it, the car fails to be a family tripping machine. For example, the seats of the second line are slim, low in height and are uncomfortable too. The economy of fuel is also miserable overall at just 17 mpg making it the most horrible in the middle of all the minivans in the market.

Not only had this but the van also scored poorly in the IIHS crash test making it risky while accidents as it is unable to provide the required safety. Although the car is being replaced by other enhanced minivans, it does not make it any more desirable by people to purchase and puts it in the list of failed models. Chrysler Town and Country spots a place for itself among the worst minivans ever produced in the world.

10. Green car: Mitsubishi I-MiEV


Mitsubishi i-MiEV though is a cheapest fully electric car that exists in the market; it has its own drawbacks which reduce its brand image and sales. The car is not also slow in speed but is also clumsy. The riding is stiff and inflexible. The cabin of the car is compact, and it constantly creates noise when driven around on the roads.

Its nominal price does not cover up its flaws. The performed poor and scored badly in the IIHS conducted to check its reliability and safety. It is one of the poorest green cars ever manufactured in the world. It lacks in comfort, space, interior technology, looks, speed, engine i.e. it almost lacks everywhere and became a total flop in the industry.


These are the cars that are included in the list of best or worst cars in the entire world. Other than these, the cars that provide average performance and features too can be bought. They are neither best nor worst. One should definitely do a proper research regarding the cars that are best in the market so that you can avoid purchasing the low-performance cars where you will only waste your invested money. Instead, if you know about the cars properly then you can invest effectively and smartly. Money once invested in wrong cars can lead you to huge losses and expenses to incur in the maintaining and repairing them. Thus, it is vital to be aware of the cars that are ranked either in the list of best cars or in the worst cars in the world.

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