How To Buy The Best Wheel For Your Automobile?

One of the most valuable pieces of your property is your car, and to work it smooth those four round tires are playing the main role. Some quantity of rubber controls each and everything, whether you are speeding high on a highway or just taking a ride on city roads. Tires can lift a huge amount of weight.

“CHANGE IS NECESSARY” with this quotes applicable in all aspects of life, it also applies to tires too, after riding thousands of miles or just to change it for extra-attractive look few people changes their tires of their vehicle. The first wheel was made of wood but in this modern era, it is now developed for showing the capability of it.

Here, in this article, we will tell you how to choose the best-fitted tires for your vehicle.

Whether it is your bike, car or truck, it all runs on those rubber tires. Rubber is the main element of the tires. Two types of rubber are used to making it, natural and synthetic. To make rubber solid-liquid latex is mixed with it for high durability. Another part is carbon black, which prevents unnecessary burning.

You must know all these, now getting ahead to more about the wheel. For some fresher, we will provide tons of information about wheels.

Bigger wheels are not the best every time, but when someone is planning for bigger wheels, there are some certain things to think about like large edge are heaven for eyes but totally hell for your vehicle and your pocket. If you utilize it for off road or extra-harsh driving, you should go for it.

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There are some certain brands which are available in market such as:

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • PIAA
  • Michelin
  • Yokohama
  • GoodYear
  • Firestone

If you are planning to let go off your old tires and want to get new one there are some certain things to see like:

  • Drive quality
  • Rating of speed
  • Safety
  • Tread life
  • Resistance or durability

Understanding Vehicle Rims

Many of the customers confuse rims with wheels, but to clarify the difference between them, we are here to help you, understanding rim, how the tire piece fits in with your wheel.

Rims in One-Piece and Double-Piece Wheels

These days, customers can purchase rim as a part of wheels or individually, many of the producers throw the rim, the center, and the spoke all together in one wheel. This leads low cost of it than others. But they need to get changed if they were damaged even in the smallest of its area.

Relation between Tires and Rims

If someone is just getting new rims but not the tires, it is very much important to see that your tires link best with newly purchased rims. The broadness of rim plays an important role. Your fresh rim should be the same in terms of size like old ones were. To maintain rim, buyers must see the pattern of the bolt get a good result.

There are also some other factors to consider:

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As they say, “Size does matter.” If you add more broadness to your wheel you just cuts down the tire’s wall, that is why vehicle’s grip and handling gives you more response on the road.

You can also add bigger rims to your car, but you have to make sure about the collision between the tire and the car surface do not occur. Sometimes, doing such thing can lead to less effect of anti-braking system and the poor reaction to the engine and bad handling of the car.


The component mainly used to make rim is aluminum or steel. Generally, aluminum is less heavy and eats less gas of your car, thus choosing aluminum rims will save you a lot. On the other hand steel, rims are much heavier, which makes it more strong.

When you choose to have steel rims, which are heavier in terms of weight, then be prepared to feel some bumps and shakiness while driving your car. Aluminum rims have a tendency of to flee hot air or heat due to its lighter weight.

Thinking of Style

Unlimited option in rims and wheels will baffle you more, but when you are selecting it for you ride, you will get plenty of option in style, color, spoke design. For example, generally chrome based rims are used in major cars, and it will make your vehicle eye-catcher.

Now, some of you must be wondering that what are those numbers printed on the side of the every tire. Well, let us guide here too. For example, it is written P145/30ZR19 on a tire along with brand name.

  1. ‘P’ indicates prefix, which means what kind of vehicle suits this tire like:
  • P – Passenger car
  • T – Spare or temporary wheel
  • ST – Trailer truck
  1. ‘145’ is Number printed after the prefix is Width of the product in millimeter when it is attached to the proper rim.
  2. ’30’ is Detailed ratio is a shows the space between the rim and outside area of stride of the wheel. This number is normally specified by as a proportion. For example, A 30 series tire is half as tall as its broadness.
  3. ‘Z’ Speed balance, the one and only tired which are high-rated. It is normally found on other sites of another category of wheels.
  4. ‘R’ is radial tire while ‘D’ refers to diagonal which are mostly used in a truck or heavy vehicle.
  5. ’19’ is the size of the tire, in inches. It sometimes confuses to determine the width in millimeters and breadth in inches. But these days, companies are using inch system only.

By reading this article, we hope that you gained some information about how to invest in good wheels and rims. Please feel free to comment and to ask questions on our e-mail address, our experts will surely get back to you with proper help and guide you!