A Guide to Choosing the Best Engine Degreaser

Best Engine Degreaser

It is very important to consider taking proper care of your car’s engine. It really makes a good impression to anyone when you show him or her your engine under the hood. Having the best engine degreaser will make your engine good looking, as well as retain its health. Not only that, the degreaser will allow your car to run smoothly for a longer period of time.

In this article, we will be discussing all you need to know about engine degreasers. We will talk about what it is, its benefits and some of its most popular types. To add, we’re going to lay down the top five recommendations for the best engine degreaser out in the market. Lastly, we will give you a list of the important factors to consider as you try to make a well-informed choice.

What is an Engine Degreaser?

Before we proceed with the discussions, we should first define what an engine degreaser is. An engine degreaser is basically a fluid that consists of chemicals that get rid of oil and grease. These are the hardest substances to clean or get rid of on your engine. It is a product that’s not only for cleaning, but also acts for the purpose of increasing your engine’s lifespan.

Using this product for your engine has a lot of interesting benefits. It can make your car look better maintained, good looking and a lot newer. The engine will also run smoothly if it’s clean. Using an engine degreaser can detect grease or oil leak, which you can take advantage of. Detecting leaks at an early stage won’t cause many problems to your engine, as you can have it repaired immediately.

Cleaning your engine can save the repair charges, as it is also proven by professionals that it can prevent mechanical problems. If your engine is clean, you will get a reasonable value if you want to trade or sell the car. In case you notice petroleum or dust on your engine, it is advisable that you use an engine degreaser. This product, without a doubt, is the best thing to use to clean your engine.

The use of this product is necessary if your car engine hasn’t been maintained or cleaned for a while. It can help you quickly and easily remove built up dirt, grease and make it look new in no time.

Types of Engine Degreasers

Now that we talked about the top five recommendations, we will now discuss some of its types. This section is also considered critical as your decision may be based on what type you need. Also, this will help you shorten the list of your choices in finding the best engine degreaser. Below we will discuss the six of its most popular types.

S100 12005L-2PK-2PK Total Cycle Cleaner - 338.14 fl. oz., (Pack of 2)

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  • Environment-Friendly Degreaser: This might be the considered as the highly recommended one out of all the types. Its components, mostly include baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, soap and cornstarch is very effective in cleaning engines.
  • Metal Solvent Degreaser: This type of degreaser is normally used in machinery and vehicles. It is also rendered effective in removing grease from bearings, joints and motors.
  • Petroleum-Based Degreaser: This product contains distillates and ethanol, working best for vehicles and its parts. Aside from grease removal, it is also used for removing residues from gasoline, oil and other lubricants.
  • Vapor Solvent Degreaser: This might be different from all the degreasers in this list. The part of the vehicle will be placed on top of the vapor, wherein the vapor does its work.
  • Foam Degreaser: This type of degreaser is normally applied to electrical appliances and car engines. You just have to wipe after application without using water.
  • Ultrasonic Degreaser: The ultrasonic degreaser uses advanced formulation, called ultrasonic waves, to remove residues and grease from engine parts.

Essential Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Engine Degreaser

Before we conclude this discussion, we will tackle what makes a good engine degreaser. Sure, all of the brands mentioned above are great, but some of their features are more outstanding than the others. In order to make a sound decision, you should also be informed of these important factors.

  • Contents: You have to check the contents of your degreaser. You have to look for the ingredients that will not only clean your engine, but also maintain it. Another thing, the formula should not contain harmful and toxic chemicals. You should also look for non-flammable and biodegradable degreaser.
  • Safe for any Surface: The one you should purchase should not cause damage to the surfaces it is being applied on. It should be safe on plastic, rubber, steel, as well as paint.
  • Odor Generation: Most of the degreasers generate an odor that may be harmful when inhaled. Choose one that is odorless or has artificial scent, and something you can use for longer periods of time.
  • Does not Leave Residue: You should not worry about cleaning up the extra white residue left by some degreasers. You should look for one that leaves no spot on the surfaces.
  • Versatility: You should find a product that you can use for other cleaning jobs, aside from cars. There are a lot of options in the list above that you can use for household and general maintenance.

Top Five Picks for the Best Engine Degreaser

Choosing the best one is going to be frustrating especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. In this section, we will be discussing the top five recommendations for the best engine degreaser. We are going to talk about some of their outstanding features, as well as their pros and cons. Better pay attention, as this will extremely help you in narrowing down your choices.

1. S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle - 1.32 Gallon

S100 12005L Total Cycle Cleaner Bottle - 1.32 Gallon

The S100 Total Cycle Cleaner is the first spray-on, rinse-off degreaser from the S100 series. The product sneaks into every corner of your vehicle’s engine to clean it thoroughly. The best thing about it is that the job will not require scrubbing off. You will have a sparkling engine in five to ten minutes, depending on your vehicle. It is very convenient to use and will save you a lot of time during maintenance.

The S100 degreaser is also very easy to use, as you just have to spray it. It works on almost all types of surfaces such as rubber, plastic, bearings, alloy, as well as base paint. The product will also protect your engine, as the formula does not have any toxic or harmful chemicals. This is also perfect if you need to degrease your bike, which takes less than five minutes to clean.


  • Used on various surfaces such as plastic, rubber, alloy and base paint
  • Spray is easy to use
  • No scrubbing required after application
  • Does not contain any harmful and toxic chemicals


  • Some user had issues about how overpriced it is
  • Contents may spill because of the shape of the bottle

2. Kafko AOD5G35438 Oil Eater Original Cleaner Degreaser 5 gallon Pail, pack of 1

Kafko AOD5G35438 Oil Eater ORIGINAL Cleaner Degreaser 5 gallon Pail, pack of 1

The Kafko AOD5G35438 Degreaser is being sold in the market as a pack of one. This product cautiously dissolves oils and grease on almost all surfaces. It can clean surfaces made of concrete, asphalt, engines, tools, ovens, lawn mowers and outdoor grills. It is also very safe to use on clothes, upholstery, floor mats, as well as to get rid of carpet stains. Lastly, its uses also include cleaning using a pressure washer.

The Kafko degreaser is considered one of a kind, as it is inflammable, fresh scented, biodegradable and is water-based. The components do not include acid, petroleum and abrasive solvents, and is approved by the USDA. The price is also reasonable and the product is very easy to use. Dilution instructions are also included when you purchase the Kafko degreaser.


  • Can be used on various surfaces
  • Very safe to use on clothes, upholstery and carpets
  • Does not contain harmful and toxic chemicals
  • Non-flammable, fresh scented, water-based, and biodegradable


  • Can generate bad smell
  • Might freeze in low-temperature areas

3. SuperClean 100725 Cleaner Degreaser - 5-Gallon Pail

SuperClean 100725 Cleaner Degreaser - 5 Gallon Pail

You can save a lot of money if you purchase the SuperClean 100725 Cleaner Degreaser – 5-Gallon Pail. The product also comes in 32-ounce spray bottles, 1 gallon, and 2.5 gallons. For bigger cost savings and jobs, just buy the 5-gallon pail, as you can also store it for later use. It is also guaranteed that this product will make the most of your money, as its performance is outstanding.

The SuperClean degreaser will dissolve grease and it will easily remove oil, wax, tar, grime and dirt. It also has industrial strength, as well as phosphate-free and is biodegradable. Read the instructions carefully so you can utilize it for your everyday messes. This product is also very versatile as you can use it for various household and automotive tasks.


  • Reasonable price
  • Phosphate-free and biodegradable
  • Can be used for household and automotive tasks
  • Fast acting and very easy to use


  • Some users graded this product as average
  • According to some reviews, the product does not even work

4. Meguiar's D10801 Super Degreaser - 1 Gallon

Meguiar's D10801 Super Degreaser - 1 Gallon

The Meguiar D10801 Degreaser is strong and is fast acting, exceeding everyone’s expectations when it comes to cleaning engines. It is very quick and easy to remove grease on your engine if you use this product. It also has a rinse-free formula and will not require scrubbing off after application. The formula makes sure that there will be no white residue stains left behind.

Besides having excellent performance when you use it, it also has an herbal fragrance, which is very pleasant to smell. With this, you won’t have to worry about bad smells coming from your engine. It is also very easy to use; you just have to spray on and wipe off. The job will not require a lot of time and the components are environment-friendly. Given that the product is high quality, some users also had issues regarding its price.


  • Fast-acting and strong
  • Has rinse-free formula
  • No white residue stains will be left behind after application
  • Biodegradable and has herbal fragrance


  • A little pricey for some users
  • Some reviews mentioned that the product is ineffective

5. Chemical Guys CLD_104 Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser (1 Gal)

Chemical Guys CLD_104 Grime Reaper Extremely Strong Degreaser (1 Gal)

The Grime Reaper Degreaser is strategically designed to perform on tough cleaning jobs. It features a concentrated formula that dissolves the toughest grease that allows you to remove dirt build up on surfaces. It can be used on engine bays, wheel arches and undercarriages that need cleaning. Also, the formula is excellent for removing years of grease and grime build-up.

The best thing about this product is the super concentrated technology. Also stated in the instructions is that the dilution ratio is adjustable depending on your needs and preferences. One part of the product can be diluted to six to nine parts of water. It is also used to clean the tiniest stains to the filthiest engine compartment. Lastly, like the other products in this list, this won’t leave any white residue after application.


  • Features super concentrated formula
  • Leaves no residue after application
  • Can be used on engine bays, wheel arches and undercarriages
  • Heavy-duty grime and grease remover


  • Some users graded the product as ineffective in removing grease and dirt build-up
  • Average product according to some reviews


Now that you learned all you need to know about engine degreasers, we can now conclude this discussion. We hope you can make a better decision now because we know this may seem very tricky. With this guide, we assure you that you will be able to choose the best engine degreaser.

We already discussed what an engine degreaser is, its benefits, and six of its types. We also had a rundown of the top five choices for the best engine degreaser, along with its pros and cons. We hope we were able to narrow down your choices in choosing the best one available in the market.

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