Benefits of Using a Dashcam while Driving: Here are the Top Reasons Why You Need One

Benefits of Using a Dashcam while Driving

A dash board camera, or simply a dash cam, is one product that has gained global attention in recent years. It is one of the tools that can provide peace of mind to drivers, providing you with extra set of eyes on the road. It records what is happening in real time, which will also provide the footages that will be critical in investigating an accident and cases of fraud.

In the rest of this post, I will share with you the top four benefits of using a dashcam while driving. A lot of people might think that this is an unnecessary expense. In reality, however, it is an investment that is necessary for a better driving experience.

4 Benefits of Using a Dashcam while Driving

Need reasons to be convinced that a dashcam is needed? Watch the short video below and read the rest of this section for a more elaborate discussion:

1. Have Video Evidence of a Car Accident

This is perhaps the best thing that can compel you to invest in a dash cam. It is a given fact that an accident is inevitable. Regardless of how careful you are in driving, you will not be completely safe from any accident.

In the case of an accident, the police will most likely be involved in an investigation. They will exhaust the necessary, which means to carry out a thorough investigation of what has happened. If you have no eye witnesses, aside from you as the driver, the dash cam can be a big help. The authorities will use the recordings to see what happened in the accident and to determine who is at fault.

Accidents are often fast-paced. The driver and the passengers might have little or no recollection of what has actually happened. Blame it on stress and trauma! Luckily, if a dashcam is installed, there is no need to have a hard time trying to recall what has happened. The video will speak for itself.

The dash cam will serve as your witness. If it is too hard for you to gather people who have actually seen what has happened, the dash cam will do the talking.

It is important to take note, however, that a dash cam does not directly prevent accidents. Rather, it can be used as a medium to investigate accidents that have been recorded.

2. Have a Video Proof of Drivers Breaking the Law

Have a Video Proof of Drivers Breaking the Law


Dash cams are also a great way to spot drivers who are breaking the law. As citizens, we have the duty to uphold the law and to make sure that we live in a place that is disciplined. Therefore, if there are erring drivers, you have to report them to the concerned authorities If they ask for proof, show them a video proving that the driver is indeed at fault.

For sure, you will agree with me when I say that driving is stressful experience. With a dash cam installed in your car, it is easier to have proof of bad behavior of another driver. Their reckless actions will most probably put the lives of other people in danger, which makes it important to report them.

There are many situations wherein you can use a dash cam video to report other drivers. For instance, the video might record an obvious footage proving that the driver is drunk based on the movements of the car. If a driver has caused an accident and tried to run away, a dash cam can also be helpful.

In other countries, dash cams are used by officers for traffic management. Many of the advanced cameras that are available today are equipped with the ability to not only record videos, but also identify exact locations, making it easier to pinpoint drivers who commit mistake.

3. Will Prevent you from being a Victim of Fraud

Crash for cash is one thing that you surely would not want to happen to you. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, crash for cash refers to an incident wherein a fraudster would initially crash himself or herself to your car for the purpose of making insurance claims. A staged, induced, or ghost accident may be used against you.

According to the FBI, in the United States, insurance fraud costs about $40 million annually. This only goes to show that a lot of people are willing to do horrible things just for the purpose of milking money from other drivers and insurance companies. This is clearly a case of fraud, which can be avoided.

If you have a dash cam, there is a lesser likelihood that you will end up being a victim of fraud. Again, the main reason for this is the fact that you will have with you video evidence. It is also time-stamped, which will make it easy for investigators to prove that the claims of the fraudsters are false.

If you are an intelligent and responsible driver, you will consider a dash cam as an essential investment. In the future, this will help you to save a lot of money, even if the installation of such a tool can be an additional cost on your end.

4. Catch Crazy Things on Video

Catch Crazy Things on Video


A dash cam can also be used for recording crazy things while on the road. For instance, if you are planning a road trip with the family, it will help to document your route. You can use it for making videos of your fun vacation.

You’ll never know what you will record in a dash cam. Some of them are amusing, while some of them can be scary. In a list compiled by Ranker, some of the creepiest things recorded in dash cams include a brick that has killed a passenger, a wildfire in Canada, a plane crash, and an unprovoked shooting, among others. Several cameras have also filmed ghosts and other weird objects.

The crazy recordings may not be necessarily for the purpose of investigations, but these video clips can be fun to watch. If you go online, you will see several compilations that can give you a good laugh! For instance, here is a list of some of crazy incidents in Russia that have been caught by a dash cam.


After reading this post, I hope that you already understand the benefits of using a dashcam while driving. A lot of people may instantly shun the idea, believing that the costs will be too much for them. Nonetheless, the truth is, the price is justifiable given the many good things that it can do.

In a nutshell, a dashcam will help in the investigation of accidents, reporting of erring drivers, prevention of frauds, and recording of crazy incidents. It is a great tool that can be used for police investigations. To add, it can record videos that the world may find entertaining!

Do you have a dashcam installed in your car? Do you enjoy reading this post? Are there other benefits that you would like to share as well? Let us know and let your insights be heard by writing a comment below.